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‘ESCAPE’ the easier way to identify fake news

Jessi Hollis McCarthy
Jessi Hollis McCarthy

Jessi Hollis McCarthy outreach educator of NewseumED educating journalists and SDJF Media Corps fellows on ‘Real Media Literacy for a Fake News World ‘ said that ESCAPE or analyzing Evidence, Source, Context, Audience, Purpose, Execution is the best way to identify fake news.

‘Real Media Literacy for a Fake News World’ organized by the Sri Lanka Development Journalists Forum (SDJF), the Centre for Media and Information Literacy (CMIL) in collaboration with NewseumED was held at Hotel Galadari last Tuesday(03).

‘Fake news is spread all over the world and people should be made aware how to identify what is true and what is not and refrain from sharing such posts or publishing them’ she added.

Elaborating further on ESCAPE, McCarthy said that the first step was to look for evidence such as names, numbers, places or documents in a news item or social media post which could be verified.

Next was to see who made the story and if they could be trusted and to figure out if it was the whole story or if there were other forces surrounding it.

One should also figure out who the intended audience is and look for attempts to appeal to specific groups or types of people and also look for clues to the motivation of publishing the story she added. She also said that one should be cautious as propaganda makers use media to manipulate people’s emotions by expertly crafted messages.

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