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Customs DG returns luxury official vehicle to ministry:

‘Maintenance cost too high’

Newly-appointed Customs Director-General (DG), Maj. Gen. (Rtd) G.V. Ravipriya, has returned his luxury official vehicle to the ministry saying that he has to bear an excessive expenditure to maintain it.

Ravipriya told the Daily News that after he assumed duties as the Director-General of Customs, the ministry provided an official vehicle for his duties. However, as it is a luxury vehicle, the monthly fuel allowance entitled to him is insufficient to maintain it.

As such, he had to pocket out additional expenditure to buy the extra fuel needed to run the vehicle. Furthermore, the government would have to spend an excessive sum of money for its other maintenance work, he added. Therefore, as such a heavy expenditure need not be borne for an official vehicle, Ravipriya said he decided to return it to the ministry.

He said that when luxury vehicles are provided to higher officials, they have to pocket out money on their own to maintain it as the fuel allowance they receive is insufficient to meet the cost of fuel. This is an incentive for officials to resort to various corrupt practices to make additional money, he added.

Institutions would eventually get bankrupt when officials resort to such malpractices, Ravipriya said. As such, officials from top to bottom echelons should learn to use moderate vehicles which do not involve heavy expenditure.

He said that he had already submitted the necessary correspondence to return the luxury vehicle and get down an economy official vehicle, which will not be fuel-guzzling.

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