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HCM discussion on creating corporate culture with millennials

Director of the PIM, Prof Ajantha Dharmasiri
Director of the PIM, Prof Ajantha Dharmasiri

“We live in a ‘Glocal’ culture which is a combination of local and global cultures.

In this multi-generational context formulation of Human Capital Management and execution strategies should go hand-in-hand. People drive businesses in this increasingly uncertain and volatile world, thus People is the critical ‘success factor’ of strategy implementation. Simply ensure people are happy to be successful.

Without recognizing world-class professionals, we eventually talk of brain drain. We must think big and island mentality is detrimental. To recognize people, the ‘gelling factor’ should be right. Right person should be placed in the right place. Remuneration, recognition and respect would bring expected results. Brilliance in HCM harp on these factors.

A sustainable organization should adhere to the Triple bottom-line, society, economy and the environment and be lean, seen and green.

We must execute strategies by always keeping the future in mind. Artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence should be in harmony. Since human factor is critical, managers should not be overly fascinated by high-tech. Also be eco-friendlier than egocentric,” said Chairman and Director of the PIM, Prof Ajantha Dharmasiri at a seminar on ‘Brilliance in HCM for creating the best workplace’ organized by the National Chamber of Exports of Sri Lanka.

NCE President Ramya Weerakoon said, “Human-oriented and responsible people management strategies and family-friendly corporate cultures would carve a niche for organizations.

“We should prepare a correct platform to cater to the visions and high level aspirations of the young population entering the workforce who desire to work in a tech-savvy environment and have different attitudes”, she said.

“I love working with millennials and I learn daily from them. Fifty percent of my team is comprised of millennials. They even help me achieve my personal aspirations. I am 12 kilos less today because of their influence. They help me grasp technology and on multi-tasking. Keeping up with them makes me more energetic. Apart from our performing time in office, we must find a learning time on a daily basis to upskill ourselves”, said Director of Human Resources of Linea Aqua, Deirdre Candappa.


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