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Ranmihithenna needs MAKE-UP

First-ever tele-cinema village seeks former glory:

Hambantota has a wide range of soil and climatic conditions endowed with a variety of vegetation, wildlife and geophysical features. Hambantota has been well- known for its potential in agriculture and traditional economic activities. With a new regime coming into existence under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, it seeks the participation of the private sector in the government’s development drive.

The Hambantota District is also a hub for tourism activities. Tourism thrives when there are varieties of sites to complement and satisfy the wanderlust of tourists. This is the reason why tourism has great potential in this region. Making Hambantota the base, the region surrounding it too has sites and locations to complement each other and maximise the use of time, energy and money of travellers.

Hambantota is an ideal base to be promoted and invested in as an international location for eco-cultural tourism and the district has all necessary components for the promotion of eco-tourism. Hambantota does not just have sun, surfing and sandy beaches; variety is the byword. The historic and prehistoric monuments and ruins in places such as Dondra, Sithulpawwa, Mulkirigala, Tissamaharama, Kataragama and other colonial monuments add attraction to the area.

The Bundala National Park and the Lunugamwehera Sanctuary are located in the Hambantota District. In general, the Southern Province has a number of navigable rivers and scenic lakes which are ideal for boating and other water sports. These water sources could become a non-traditional way of taking the tourists and sightseers to the interior of the district. This form of tourism will certainly promote other industries such as boat-building, handicrafts and the services sector related to tourism.

A water sports complex could be developed in the area so that the national and regional water sports could be held here. Bird watching and wildlife are other areas that are extensively available in this area, but not fully developed or exploited.

It was the previous regime under President Mahinda Rajapaksa that vested some first-ever institutions with the people of the Hambantota District. They are the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA), the Hambantota International Convention Centre similar to the BMICH, the first safari park in Ridiyagama, Sri Lanka’s first-ever Agro Technology Park at Bataatha in Hungama, first-ever tele-cinema village in Ranmihithenna and the first-ever dry zone botanic gardens at Mirijjawila.

Ranmihithenna Tele-Cinema Village

Most of the constructions at the tele-cinema village that are important for the production of movies and teledramas are on the verge of destruction due to improper maintenance by the previous Yahapalana government.

Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne commenting on the tele-cinema village said he produced films such as Kusa Pabha, Paththini, Yasodhara and Vijayaba Kollaya at this tele-cinema village. Marking the 73rd anniversary of Sinhala cinema, he is at present producing another film titled Kadira Divyaraja at the tele-cinema village. He said during the tenure of the previous regime, the tele-cinema village was abandoned and the present regime has taken steps to give a new lease of life to it. He said he feels sorry to see Ruhuna in such a dilapidated state.

Veteran actor Ravindra Randeniya who was appointed the Chairman of the tele-cinema village commenting on its present situation said several foreign films were produced at this place and visitors in large numbers came to this location from which a sound income has been earned, but that is not enough for maintenance work. Following the appointment of the Yahapalana regime, the Ranmihithenna tele-cinema village resembles an abandoned site.

He further said the previous regime tarnished the image of the tele-cinema village, saying that it was an utter waste of money and resources. He said when a tele-drama or a movie is being shot here, the entire crew including the actresses, actors and the producer can reside here without undergoing hardships and inconveniences. This facility is available here to the satisfaction of producers.

The veteran actor said the tele-cinema village was set up under the concept of the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He said the first-ever building was constructed by the Central Engineering Institute funded by the Media Ministry. He said untiring efforts will have to be exercised to bring back the tele-cinema village to the previous state. He added that state sponsorship is essential for this purpose and it will take about a year to complete the renovation work.

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