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Health solutions under one roof

Medicare 2020 begins on Friday:

Medicare 2020, the national healthcare exhibition will be held for the 11th consecutive year at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH), Colombo on March 6, 7 and 8 from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm under the theme ‘Healthy Sri Lanka – Happy Sri Lanka’. It will also be held at Veerasingam Hall, Jaffna on March 20, 21 and 22 from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Medicare 2020 organised by the Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Ministry consists of five main pavilions - Health Awareness Expo and Ayurveda Expo for Sri Lankan healthcare providers (government and private) to make them aware of cure and prevention; Medical Tourism Expo to promote international hospitals; Medical Equipment Expo for international companies to meet local agents, suppliers and relevant government authorities which would help them to establish their businesses in Sri Lanka; and Medical Education Expo to promote higher education opportunities available in the healthcare sector for local and international students.

The well-qualified healthcare professionals in Sri Lanka are acknowledged around the world. Creating awareness about and adopting newest innovations in different branches of medicine, technology and science will undoubtedly enable us to improve the overall quality of national health.

This exhibition offers businesses and medical institutions an ideal platform to build networks and discover cutting-edge breakthroughs in medical science. However, its primary purpose is to provide the public with timely, accurate and important information and updates on health issues and the latest technology available for disease diagnosis, prevention and cure.

This milestone event will consist of up to 230 local and international stalls in the medical sector, showcasing their products and services to educate more than 15,000 people and industry stakeholders. The exhibition will include National Healthcare Awards and two-day seminars with eminent speakers.

Local and foreign hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, medical tourism organisations, food and nutrition distributors and sellers, ambulance service providers, physiotherapy and gymnasium providers, medical publication distributors and sellers, over-the-counter drug sellers, consumer medical equipment and appliance sellers, prosthetic and orthopaedic appliance manufacturers, health insurance providers, health education institutes, cosmetics and beauty care producers, and ayurvedic products and services will be promoted at the event.

Medicare 2020 will be useful for people who seek information on the latest facilities available at government and private sector hospitals, teachers and students seeking enhancement of their medical knowledge, parents who seek valuable health information for the betterment of their families, teachers and students seeking enhancement of their medical knowledge, the younger generation to plan their future, the newly-married couples who seek family planning advice, lecturers or professors or teachers, associate partner colleges and their presidents, medical institutes, public health services and the public.

According to Dr. Amal Harsha De Silva, the Deputy Director General of Health Services - the Health Ministry, the Founder Secretary - Private Health Services Regulatory Council and the Chairman of Medicare 2020, the main objective of these exhibitions is to educate people on proper disease prevention methodologies, recent changes and advances in the healthcare sector, ultramodern healthcare technological advances of the country, effective treatment methods, best services available in hospitals and medical laboratories and valuable data on healthcare.

Medicare 2020 is the ideal event to educate both the public and health-related stakeholders to expand their businesses. Adding further value to the event, the organising committee is planning to recognise medical experts who have rendered a great service to mankind.

Healthcare Awareness Expo

Visitors can learn about deadly diseases and how to prevent them through a wide variety of information-dispensing mediums. They can attend informative seminars on preventive healthcare topics which have a wealth of information for healthy living. Awareness messages are also spread through various exhibits to facilitate easy learning and also skits for a better reach of the message.

The primary objective of Medicare is to spread awareness about all health issues among the public. Medicare promises to provide each one with a greater knowledge download about health issues. It seeks to propagate all authentic tips and practices for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Awareness Expo’s only purpose is to spread all necessary information about common diseases and disorders that spread easily. It is important that people at large should not just know about epidemics, but also know about common communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Through Medicare 2020 - Health Awareness Expo, people can get to know about every common health disorder and disease; get to know about health issues in terms of its cause, symptoms and when it is the right time to see an experienced specialist; and also get to know about how to prevent a disease, and the methods of treatment and cure.

People will also receive an opportunity to interact with medical specialists on a particular area of expertise which can provide you clarity; get to know how technology has changed healthcare and its nuances; get informative model demos of robots in healthcare and see how cutting-edge medical equipment is transforming the patient’s experience in terms of comfort; and see the innovations and advancements top healthcare brands have adapted to. The main objective of seminars is to make people fully aware not just by bits and pieces of information but by solid sessions with experienced doctors. The speakers are practitioners who have case histories in the respective discipline and have enormous experience dealing with patients with complex issues.

* Knowledge session on ‘Latest Advances in Cancer Prevention, Detection and Treatment’

* ‘A Must Know’ - first aid for the public.

* An exclusive session on dental care. Attend the seminar for a quick knowledge download on dentistry.

* ‘Maintaining Your Health through a Healthy Lifestyle’ - a session having a confluence of specialists in nutrition, endocrinology, psychiatry, pediatrics and general medicine.

* A surgical care session on the transplantation of body parts from experienced Indian surgeons.

* Sexuality and sexual dysfunctions - learn about recent methods of treatment and awareness about reproductive health.

* ‘Subfertility and Reproductive Health’- a topic much demanded. Attend the seminar to learn the latest changes and advances in reproductive medicine.

* How to treat and avoid non-communicable diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol)

* A session to have a close watch on ophthalmological care – ‘High-end eye care and improving vision’

* ‘Making your child a genius, physically, mentally and spiritually’. See different perspectives at the seminar.

* A live demonstration on emergency care meant for a public audience.

* A session by leading beauticians experienced dermatologists and high precision plastic surgeons - ‘Keeping up your Beauty’ by medical and non-medical carers.

Medicare is not yet another expo; it is Sri Lanka’s biggest healthcare expo to serve a purpose stronger than everything else the expo is built upon. Medicare has thrown its floors open to skits and other entertaining forms of spreading awareness so that the message can be spread faster. Infotainment methods promote the cause more effectively and make each message have its own impact at its own merits.

The Healthcare Awareness Expo is the most important component of Medicare. Make use of the opportunity to become more aware about your health status and your body. Just being aware prevents you from developing many health issues.

Memories from past Medicare Health Awareness Expo events.

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