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Encouraging teamwork

To develop a well-rounded child who eventually grows into a capable and successful adult the education they receive during those crucial, formative years must go beyond the classroom.

To ensure this Royal International School Kurunegala has consistently incorporated a range of extracurricular activities that are aimed at helping students improve their social skills, grow in self-confidence, enhance their capacity for responsibility and encourage the joys of teamwork.

Academic endeavours

The next great leap in terms of Royal International School’s ongoing sports and extracurricular program is a partnership with Singer Sri Lanka. This partnership is aimed at taking the school's ongoing and immensely successful sports and extracurricular programmes to the next level in 2020 and beyond. To do this RIS has carefully planned the upcoming year to ensure students have access to these future programmes without compromising their academic endeavours. This includes the management of facilities, allocation of qualified personnel to the respective roles and the introduction of the latest equipment. The upcoming programmes will also integrate advanced techniques and the proper guidance to ensure maximum mileage for all participants.

Singer Sri Lanka has a long history of empowering young, aspiring, sportsmen and women. This has, in turn, helped elevate the quality of local athletes and given them the abilities and the confidence to pursue their talents and dreams even on an international stage. The vital role Singer has played at school level has given countless athletes opportunities they would otherwise never have had access to. This, in turn, has helped create a growing culture of positive reinforcement across the Island.

Speaking on the importance of the partnership between Royal International School Kurunegala and Singer, Director Ravinath Peiris, says, “Sports and extracurricular activities are essential for a child’s growth physically, emotionally and intellectually. At RIS we are focused on creating well rounded, capable individuals and our school curriculum reflects our commitment to this vision. Our partnership with Singer is an obvious fit, as we both share the same passion for developing the youth of today. It is a great honour to have one of the country’s most respected conglomerates enable our journey.

Greater heights

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to Singer Sri Lanka on behalf of RIS, its staff, students and myself. There are many exciting developments on the horizon made possible by this partnership and this will undoubtedly enable RIS to reach even greater heights”.

The impact and value of inculcating sports and other extracurricular activities into the regular academic curriculum cannot be overemphasized. Especially in a day and age when most children spend their time indoors or interacting with their digital devices. For a start, the skills children learn throughout these activities open up new doorways of opportunity that can be accessed thought their lives. In fact, most universities today prefer students who have more to offer than just academic participation. The same applies to jobs in most multinational organizations, where well-rounded individuals are usually given preference over those who are not. Recent scientific studies have also shown that well-rounded children who have multiple interests, fare better academically. In addition to better grades, they also display improved time management, superior organizational skills, higher self-esteem, better self-confidence and an enhanced ability to express themselves in social situations. The time-management aspect is something that will serve them well as they enter adult life, as it teaches them how to maintain a work-life balance, which is vital to a healthy individual. The extracurricular programme is also designed specifically to endow children with new skills, a sense of curiosity and enhance their creative potential. Additionally, children also widen their social circle by making new friends and learning to interact with other individuals, which is essential preparation for grooming well-rounded adults.

Commenting on the recent partnership with Singer and upcoming activities Head of Sports, RIS: Mr. Upatissa Jayasuriya had this to say. “We have enjoyed an excellent period with sports at RIS. In fact, we are proud to have produced some very competent athletes across all age groups. However, in keeping with the spirit of evolution, we are always looking to do better and involve more students in the joy of sports. This partnership with Singer is an essential one and will definitely help take us even further.

There are numerous activities planned for the year ahead and this will enable students to receive a well-rounded, world-class education that is as interactive as it is illuminating.”

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