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True to her ambition

Sayuri Jayarathne a 17-year-old Sri Lankan was crowned as ‘Supermodel International World 2019’ second runner up at world finals held in Siam Dragon Theatre in Chiang Mai, Thailand on February 8, 2020.

Sayuri being a past student of Lexicon International School in Kurunegala has attended International Institute of Health Sciences in Welisara. She is at present working as a model for Brian Kerkoven.

Being young and ambitious Sayuri intends to pursue in a nursing career while being passionately engaging in supermodel pageants.

She was eager to communicate with Sri Lankans via the Daily News T&C.

Q. You almost became the Supermodel at the ninth Supermodel international world finals held in Thailand in February 2020. How do you feel of becoming second runner up?

It was an exciting and great experience. All the girls were competitive. I was shocked when they announced Sri Lanka. I will never forget that moment in my life.

Q. Sri Lanka now being placed in the top three positions in international Supermodel pageants is a positive note.

Yes, very true and I am so happy to be in the bandwagon. Apart from me, Harini Silva became first runner up and Visna emerged second runner up in Top Model of the World in different years. We all go there to represent Sri Lanka. With that mindset I gave my best shot and I hope I made my Motherland proud.

Q. How was your rapport with the participants and your experience in Thailand?

The winner Estonia, the first runner up South Africa and all the girls were very nice, friendly and helpful with positive attitudes. Thailand was a very beautiful country with awesome people with great hospitality. I met people of different cultures. It was an unforgettable experience for me.

Q. How were you inspired to become a Supermodel?

I never had a dream to become a model but growing up I started liking it. I joined Brian Kerkoven’s and Kamil Hewavitharana’s teams and Brian wanted me to participate in this supermodel pageant. I gave my hundred percent during and before the pageant because I believe that hard work pays off. I should thank Brian and Kamil for being my mentors and guardians during my journey and I am grateful to everyone who help me.

Q. You have a stunning figure. What are the sacrifices a potential Supermodel should do to maintain her figure and what is the best age-limit for a supermodel?

I’m very lucky. God has gifted me with this figure but at the moment I don’t do anything to maintain my figure.

But as we age we must work hard to maintain our bodies. For a Male or a female, I think there is no age limit as long as they maintain their bodies.

Q. What is your perception of a Supermodel like Naomi Campbell? Do you aspire to be like her?

I love Naomi Campbell very much and I derive inspiration from her a lot. But I like to go forward with my own identity as Sayuri Jayarathne.

Q. What were your achievements as a model locally before you entered the world pageant?

I was a finalist in ‘Mister and Miss Sri Lanka for Top Model of the World 2019’ and I was able to achieve ‘Face of Sri Lanka’ for Asia 2020’ and became ‘World Tourism Queen Sri Lanka 2020’.

Q. You want to pursue a career in nursing and at present study for you BSC in nursing. Is modeling your pastime?

Modelling was a big dream for me. I believe that it is reasonable to dream big. However, I always wanted to work in the health sector. I care for people and that is the very reason I chose my career as a nurse. I try to maintain balance between my studies and working as a model though it requires sacrifice and hard work.

Q. How important is education for a Supermodel? Does wisdom endow you with a different kind of beauty?

Education is important for everyone. It is the only thing that no one can take away from you. Also education inculcates in you many qualities to lead a sensible life. In my mature age I would look back to see the beauty endowed on me by wisdom.

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