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Katuwana craftsman seeks market for his products

A ship and flower vase crafted by Jayasena.
A ship and flower vase crafted by Jayasena.

W. Jayasena, a 60-year-old craftsman in Udagemadiya, Katuwana, who uses coconut shells to make products such as vases, pots, spoons, and animal ornaments, told the Daily News recently that he does not have a proper market for his products.

Jayasena said he often walks about 25km a day, from door to door, to sell his products.

“From my childhood, I had a passion for crafting things from coconut shells. However, it is difficult making a living through it as there is no proper market for it,” he said.

The 60-year-old craftsman said that it takes a long time to create one piece of his work, and that it is near impossible to sell them at higher rates. However, if there was a chance to supply his products to hotels, there would be a better chance for him to acquire a higher income, he said, adding that he would be grateful to anyone willing to buy his crafts.

Jayasena said that he has a partially-built shop on the Katuwana – Udamagediya Road, and that if someone were to help him finish its construction, it would be easier for him to sell his products.

W. Jayasena has two daughters who are married. He lives with his wife. Anyone who wishes to help him could call 0771444293.

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