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mediaWIZE Integrated

Diversifying horizons towards era of boundless possibilities

Team mediaWIZE
Team mediaWIZE

mediaWIZE Integrated announced its arrival in 2013, as the newest entrant into the creative media sphere with a selective portfolio of clientele and a unique offering of solutions.

Fresh in their ideas and media strategies, mediaWIZE continues to push the peripheries of their creative potentials. After seven years in the industry, they have yet again diversified their presence, moving towards digital media platforms, embracing the principles of marketing 4.0.

In 2019, mediaWIZE forayed into the digital space with the launch of their YouTube channel -WIZE TV and services in video production. According to the CEO/Director of mediaWIZE integrated Thilanka Fernando, “It was a natural move towards digital media and one that is inevitable, because that’s the unavoidable direction in media today, not embracing its full potentials can leave you behind drastically. And we wanted to take maximum advantage of our capacities, while also offering our customers and anyone interested a chance to make their voice heard through our digital presence.”

Corroborating his views General Manager of mediaWIZE, Sawindi Mapalagama stated, “Media today is consumed individually through social media and across digital platforms. Gone are the days when our focus was only on traditional media; and as communication strategists we now have complete freedom to experiment ideas through cross-media options, with the ability to target specific audiences, at the right time, with no limits on possibilities. And our presence on YouTube is just the beginning in this direction.”

With their operations being restructured to adapt to the changing times, mediaWIZE has finally fulfilled a vital gap within their service portfolio. The 3600 media and creative agency has now stepped into media buying and PR services which had been finally realized under the company’s recent streamlining of services.

Predominantly a team of advertising and communications veterans, mediaWIZE is also recognised for their services in the development of Annual Reports. With a portfolio of award winning reports, the operation is overseen by a capable and dedicated team, that takes care of everything from concept to print production.

“Over the years we have been strategic in adopting a wider breadth of services. Our customers continue to be with us because they have experienced the convenience in depending on our integrated, all-inclusive solutions that helps them not only in annual reports but also in developing marketing collateral, brand building campaigns, PR and creative media strategies as well as our ability to handle everything from concept to development.”

In 2020, mediaWIZE expects to focus on evolving towards cross-platform solutions, and in doing so there are two aspects that they hope to achieve. One being the company’s transformation from traditional to digital in addition to leveraging the benefits of cross media platforms across their advertising, branding, and PR related services – providing a truly integrated service.


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