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Free Reiki treatment from Sandas Aura & Natural Healing Center

Free Reiki treatments are now available at Sandas Aura and Natural Healing Center, Baththaramulla.

Veteran astrologer K.A.U. Sarath Chandra is back to conduct treatments after a foreign training on Aura technology and natural healing.

Chandra is available for examinations of bhava kendra and vedic gem treatments too.

What is special with Sandas Aura and Natural Healing Center is that all those who get treatments from it will receive a free dose of Reiki treatment. Reiki treatment involves mind, soul and the body. In this treatment seven chakras will be awakened using the method introduced by K.A.U. Sarath Chandra. Also it has the ability to release all pains, strains and embarrassments by proportionately controlling aura. Reiki treatments are widely used in many countries including Japan, America, Australia, Canada, England and India. Matters pertaining to chakra and aura are related to quantum physics and universal life force.

With aura examination one can observe aura radiation of the body and the nature of the chakras through 3D aura machine. Using the data obtained by aura machine a report and a video with a clear and accurate description of the body is issued.

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