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[APPRECIATIONS - (02-03-2020)]

Ramalingam Nadarajah

He was a perfectionist

It is one month since the demise of Ramalingam Nadarajah, who began his career as a Audit Trainee in an Estate Project, with his splendid talent, intelligence, and experience. When he retired, he was the Finance Director of M/S Ceylon Tea Marketing Ltd.

Nadarajah was devoted not only to his work, but also to his family. With great affection, he looked after his wife for 15 years while she battled Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, to help others suffering from the disease, as well their caregivers, Nadarajah wrote several books with information on the disease, as well as the available clinics and treatment for it. The final book he wrote on the subject was ‘Living in Silence With a Smile’.

He took on both, the role of a father and that of a mother, to look after his three children. He helped them reach remarkable positions in life.

Nadarajah was an example to everyone around him as he never wavered in discipline and honesty. He was also kind, merciful, and selfless to whomever that approached him.

Nadarajah’s perfectionism also drove us to be perfectionists in all our duties. I, as someone who has four years of experience as an Accounts Assistant of M/S Ceylon Tea Marketing, wish to say that Nadarajah, who was my boss, was a special personality respected by everyone.

May his soul attain Supreme Peace, and may his memories and blessings give us strength and courage.

Om Shanthi! Shanthi! Shanthi!

Rajini Devarajan


Anula Welikanne

Beloved mother

You touched our hearts so softly and deep,
The scent of your soul is the highest priced on my list,
Your voice and face are the most missed,
All wise words you uttered and meant,
Are revered and stored in my inner self.
You were the epitome of honesty and trust,
You spoke from your heart and out poured love,
You were a helping hand to the needy,
But never needed to call it out.
You loved the nature; you were Ms. Brook’s best follower,
You took pride in whateveryou accomplished.
You planted scented flowers and huge trees that kiss the clouds.
You conquered the world through stacks of books,
Studied history, geography, botany and views,
You led the sports girls of your school,
As Sapphire’s captain, who wisely ruled.
You believed your students needed love before ABCs,
You fed, cared for, and put them in the first place,
Touched their hearts and heads softly,
Changing schools’ philosophies.
You met your soulmate, our daddy dearest, Arty;
Fell in love almost immediately
(You told me all your secrets).
Trusted that you could change the world,
As a wedded pair with your blissful deeds.
You gave us birth, fed us gourmet food,
Taught us right from the wrong,
You clothed us with matching clothes,
Sent us to country’s best schools.
You worked round the clock,
Never took a break,
You never stopped to think of yourself,
Because you innately loved us all.
We were sent away to find love,
When we cried for.
Never stopped us from getting where,
We all craved for.
You watched us close enough,
But far from touching too close.
You rejoiced our wins,
And lifted us from falls.
You kept reading the world
Fiction, non-fiction, and all,
Paper adverts, any catalogue;
Depth of knowledge is all you sought.
Ammi, words aren’t enough,
To describe yourworth,
Your blissful, magical soul,
Who still lives permanently through every summer and fall,
We remember you every morning and night,
In every win and sacrifice,
Your warmth, love, and tender words,
Come back into our minds.
You touched our hearts so gently,
But so deep the engravings you’ve made.
Every waking hour.
We miss you,
With a crippling loss and a reminder:
That life is, indeed, too short.
impermanence is permanent.
Love like you did,
Deeply and soft,
Honesty is the best

We warmly remember our beloved, beautiful and precious Ammi, Anula Welikanne, who left us a year ago. She was a retired English Language/ Literature Teacher and Games Captain of Sapphire House at Ferguson High School, Ratnapura.

We celebrate her today, together with all who knew, associated, and loved her company; in a special memorial in Australia, by providing the Maha Sangha with breakfast at our home, which was her home during her stay in Australia.

Likewise, in Kelaniya, we honour her memory with a Buddhist sermon and ‘Sanghika Dhana’.

May the blessings bestowed by these meritorious deeds help her attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana

Sadly missed by:

Shiro, Sudath, Neelika (Shiyama), Saman, Manoj, Pushpi, Chandi, Anurudda, Yulia, Devindhe, Melissa, Venessa, Mithma, Vedeha, Tavisha, Mandhree, and baby Alex.

Neelika Edirisinghe


Sumana Perera

A dynamic Nurse

“Life is a splendid gift. There is nothing small about it.”

- Florence Nightingale

Our country lost an illustrious Nightingale of our own, who was greatly inspired by the above quote from the role model of her profession, when nursing professional Sumana Perera passed away two years ago.

Nursing always held a great appeal as a vocation for Sumana, even during childhood. As a child, she had taken interest in treating injured pets. So when she was selected to undergo training as a nurse at the age of 20 in 1963, it was more a fulfillment of a cherished ambition than an initial step into a lifelong career.

Sumana would often tell this writer, who first came to know her as a fellow employee of the Health Department and later, as the wife of a close friend: “I came into nursing by choice, not by accident.”

Soon after graduating from the Post-Basic School, Sumana was promoted as a nursing sister and assigned to the National Hospital Accident Service Unit. Later, authorities appointment Sumana Sister-in-Charge of the Medical Intensive Care Unit, which was opened by former late President J. R. Jayewardene. She was promoted to Matron soon afterwards.

Sumana later won a scholarship to undergo training in specialised nursing care for trauma victims, in Finland. On her return to the island, upon completing the training course; she was, briefly, the Gampaha General Hospital Matron. By this time, arrangements were being made to shift the Accident Service Unit of the National Hospital to a new building, and Sumana was transferred back to the unit to take over as its Matron.

She was appointed the National Hospital Chief Nursing Officer in 1992. She assumed duties as the Director of Nursing at the Health Ministry in 2000 and continued to serve in this capacity until her retirement in 2002.

According to her colleagues, Sumana was inspired by the illustrious career and writings of Florence Nightingale, and would often cite her quotes to inspire her peers and subordinates.

The following is one of the popular quotes from Florence Nightingale which she often cited: “If a patient is cold, if a patient is feverish, if a patient is faint; if he is sick after taking food, if he has a bed sore; it is generally the fault not of the disease, but of the nursing.”

After her marriage to former Lake House Director D.K. Somasiri, Sumana, a dynamic human being, found time to extend her active support to social service projects her husband was involved in, as an active member of the Ganemulla Lions Club.

She was a life member of the Sri Lanka Nurses Association and held key posts within it from time to time. She also took a keen interest in the activity of the Graduate Nurses’ Foundation from its inception. In fact, she was among the first batch of BSc Nursing graduates that passed out from the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL). Sumana leaves her husband, D.K. Somasiri; and daughter, Nadeesha Jayamaha.

I wish to conclude this appreciation with the famous quote: “Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

May she attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana!

A.S. Fernando

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