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First Waste-to-energy plant to open in May

To generate 11.5 mw of power

Creating a major land mark in the power generation sector, Sri Lanka’s first power plant using garbage will be opened in May.

The project will recycle solid waste within the Colombo Municipal Area to generate 11.5 mw of power converting 500-700 metric tonnes of municipality waste into electricity. The USD 100 million projects managed by Western Power Company Pvt. Ltd, a member of Aitken Spence Group, is now nearing construction at Muthurajawela.

This Waste-to-energy power plant will operate approximately 7,500 hours a year, utilizing the 700 metric tons (1,500,000 lb) of fresh waste from the Colombo Municipal Council area, also automatically proving a solution for the garbage disposal in Colombo.

The facility is planning to sell 9.7 MW to Ceylon Electricity Board. Director and Head of Business Development and Plantations, Aitken Spence PLC, Dr. Rohan Fernando, said that they were very happy to see the nearing the completion of this project.

“The project was slightly delayed due to the Easter Sunday attacks and also Coronavirus issue since the project involves several Chinese workers. We have now sorted these matters.”

An official from the Ceylon Electrify Board said that they welcome alternative energy projects of this nature which is duel propose. “First it offers a permanent solution to the Colombo Garbage clearing and then offers Green Energy to the national Grid.” Waste-to-energy power generation is currently one of the world’s most effective and green modes of managing disposal of waste.

Second mega PPP project with a Korean company called K.C.H.T Jang, will invest USD 95 million dollars to set up a plant to process up to 630 MT of unsorted waste generated from the suburbs of the Colombo and Gampaha districts.

Currently around 86% of waste is dumped in the open and only about 6% of this made into compost and about 4 percent of it recycled.

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