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UNP should know policies not symbols matter -Chandrasena

Although members of the UNP fought against each other for a party symbol they had no intelligence to understand that people exercised their votes on the basis of party policies, Environment, Wildlife, Land and Land Development Minister S.M. Chandrasena said.

The Minister was fielding questions from the media after attending a ceremony at the Vavuniya Madukanda Sri Dhammaratana Vidyayatana Pirivena on Monday.

Chandrasena said the UNP Presidential candidate suffered an ignominious defeat at the Presidential Election because the party had splintered into several groups during the Presidential Election campaign.

Although most people learn from past mistakes, the UNP has not done so and instead it has begun committing more mistakes.

The Minister said that although a section of the UNP demanded the ‘heart’ symbol for the General Elections, the Elections Commissioner General had refused to grant it on the grounds that it was not among the list of registered symbols.

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