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Fashion in action!

A university degree holder in arts, an active martial arts consultant and an innovative fashion designer all rolled into one is none other than Sigiri Ama Jayawardene.

Being a fulltime fashion designer and an active member in the local designer wear fraternity, Sigiri has already launched her own fashion brand, ‘Fashion Amo’.

Sigiri being a self-taught designer is passionate towards innovating ladies and gents fashion designs with a global touch while maintaining the Sri Lankan identity.

Fashion designer, 
Sigiri Ama Jayawardene

“I had a passionate liking towards fashions of the world from my childhood. Yet I was also keen in pursuing my higher studies at the Kelaniya University to obtain my degree. I was mindful to offer fashion designing as a subject in my degree programme that included the subjects, German language, Sinhala literature and visual art fashion.

Thus, I had the opportunity to learn fashion designing scientifically. Every individual is born with raw talent. However, we must enhance that talent through education which will keep us on a higher pedestal and make us have an edge over others,” says Sigiri.

Sigiri is born to be in the public eye. She has showcased her talents to the public as a newcomer at MDFD show held at the SLECC in 2016. The men’s wear collection brought to the fore by her at the event was commended by many. There was no stopping for her afterwards.

Sigiri’s fashion designs are regularly showcased in major fashion shows in town and on MDFD stage. She opined, people who know little about the subject often make things hard for the experienced fashion designers in the field thus proper standards should be maintained.

“Selecting materials, pattern making, garment construction and material designing play a vital role in fashion designing. I spend much time on these aspects since harmonizing materials, colours and textures with fashions that I create is of great importance. My team of models is groomed to take my designs to the world,” she says.

Sigiri aspires to be an international fashion designer promoting her own brand, Fashion Amo and work with models in the caliber of Naomi Campbell. She is thus treading an unconventional path towards achieving her goal with her knowledge, creativity and knack in marketing.

Sigiri’s role-model in fashion designing is Sarah Burton. Being a Second Dan black belt in Shotokan karate, she trains and spars with both males and females thus knows the flexibility, capability and reflexes of both genders. Karate training has helped her immensely in designing fashions for both men and women.

“In the Karate dojo when we spar we have to have an eye-contact with our opponent at all times. One false move would make you lose balance and send you to the ground. As a fashion designer, I am always mindful of the varied fashion tastes of men and women and emerging global trends. This helps me to forecast and cater to the need with innovations”, she says.

Sigiri says since eco-fashion has come into limelight throughout the world she would give thought towards sustainable fashion designing too.

“My personal taste towards fashion is entwined with my love for the mother nature, my expressive nature and rapid reflexes. A particular design of mine meant for women would offer a hint of a Karate Gi while some would of course offer that sensual look. It applies to men similarly, but the bottom line is being creative and user-friendly and creating marketable products,” says Sigiri.

Pictures by Nissanka Wijeratne

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