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Defence Ministry to submit new Cabinet Paper to solve disabled soldiers’ pension issues

The Defence Ministry will submit a new Cabinet Paper to solve existing issues related to pensions and allowances to disabled persons of the Armed Forces and the Police, soon.

Defence Secretary Maj.Gen. (Retd) Kamal Gunaratne urged Ministry officials to expedite actions to solve discrepancies in the existing pension and allowances of them by preparing a fresh Cabinet paper.

“It is our duty and responsibility to clear the existing technical discrepancies with regard to pension and allowances payments for disabled war veterans, families and their widows,” he said.

During an urgent meeting held today at the Ministry with the participation of the Tri-Forces Commanders, high ranking Police officials and Ministry officials, he said President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa had pledged to solve their issues related to pensions once they were elected.

“The President and Prime Minister are committed to solve this issue to keep their pledges.As a former soldier, I do empathize with the claimants, and clearly, when they had urged for a pay earlier, they were supplemented with an allowance which is at the core of the issue”, he said.

According to Maj.Gen. Gunaratne, the first Cabinet Paper to address the pension and allowances issues of disabled war veterans were forwarded on March 12, 2019, which was later, referred to a sub-committee which included senior officials from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence and the Pensions Department.

“The requests to discuss the matter with the relevant officials during the last regime were denied to disabled war veterans and their families who had demonstrated their displeasure over the issue. Subsequently, the Finance Ministry towards the latter stages of 2019 approved the payment as allowances instead of adding it to the pension payment,” he said, assuring to solve their issues regarding the pension, allowances and other payments.

“I want to reiterate that the War Heroes are not beggars to meet their grievances by having demonstrations on pavements. They have dignity,” the Defence Secretary said adding that the strikers need not be politically motivated to win their demands when there is a leader who is always open for fair negotiations.

Accordingly, the revised Cabinet Paper is to scrutinize the issue under four categories: Disabled / Unmarried; Disabled/Married; Deceased/Unmarried; Deceased/Married.

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