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Human skeletal remains found in Mankulam

A medical officer attached to the Mankulam Hospital had lodged a complaint with the Mankulam Police on February 07th claiming that workers engaged in clearing a plot of land for the construction of a hospital building had stumbled upon several human skeletal parts.

The Mankulam Police had presented facts to the Mulaithivu Magistrate’s Court on the same day and the magistrate had visited and inspected the site on February 12th, according to the Police Media Unit.

Based on the directives of the magistrate, the Killinochchi Hospital Specialist Judicial Medical Officer had visited the site on the 13th and had commenced excavating the skeletal remains and upon examination, he had determined that the human skeletal remains were over 20 years old.

The issue is expected to be taken up in court on the 26th for further examination.

The Mankulam Police is conducting further investigations. 

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