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It takes change to make change

Muslim Hands School of Excellence, Puttalam

There is saying that how you treat people ultimately tells all. Head Prefects of Muslim Hands School of Excellence, Mohamed Azam and Fathima Dilsha are leaders with integrity. Perfect Prefect features Azam and Dilsha who, instead of wasting time on nonsense, have hearts full of love.

There is a saying that good behaviour does not have any monetary value. But it has the power to purchase a million hearts. Head Girl Fathima Dilsha, attributes her success to her attitude and good behaviour.

“I am successful today because of my attitude towards my teachers and others, and because of my behaviour in school. I always try to help others. There are those in my class who are weak in their studies. I really want to help them. However, I am not content on creating change at the school level. I want to change the way some people are treated in many societies in the world. There is so much discrimination in the world. If I have the opportunity to help and make a change, I will do it wholeheartedly. If we can all work towards equality, then we can create real change,” explained Dilsha.

Dilsha does not conform when asked to conform. She does what she believes is right, correct and ethical. Jumping on the bandwagon is not her cup of tea.

“Don’t follow the footsteps of others. Hard work pays off, create a path for yourself, have a goal in life and work diligently towards achieving the goal. My ambition is to be a teacher. I aim to pursue my higher studies at Oxford University, London. After completing my higher studies, I wish to return to my Alma mater as a teacher,” pointed out Dilsha.

Dilsha points out that there are those in society who will misunderstand us. However, this does not mean that we should give up on our dreams. This does not mean we should sacrifice our individuality. We are all unique. We need to make things happen for us and discover our inner selves.

“Just because others are unable to understand and acknowledge our passion doesn’t mean we have to adjust to their patterns by compromising on our dreams. We need to know what it is that lies deep inside of us - that whisper, that calling, it is something we should listen to. Let the world adjust to our passions, not the other way around,” added Dilsha.

She pointed out that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has really made an impression on her due to the fact that he leads by example and does not just give orders. He is such a wonderful and inspirational leader to whom the youngsters of today can look up to. Mahatma Gandhi is another leader, who in her words, was a great patriot who had love for India.

“My biggest inspiration in life is my father. I look up to him because he has sacrificed so much for us. In this hectic society, he has always made sure that we lacked nothing. He has worked tirelessly to give us a good life. We have always been his priority and today we are strong and independent because of him. He is my superhero,” explained Dilsha.

Head Boy Mohamed Azam admires Dr Abdul Kalam. He points out that Kalam’s leadership, style, simplicity and eloquence are the characteristics of an outstanding leader. Azam states that he wishes to motivate others. This is why Kalam’s quote on thinking about others has special relevance to him - ‘The essence of a happy life and a peaceful society lies in one sentence – What can I Give?’

Azam states that another individual he admires is Australian actor Heath Ledger. This was because of Ledger’s spirit, the way he viewed the world and responded to life. Heath Ledger will be remembered as a gifted actor with talent in abundance. He will be remembered for the role of the Joker in the Dark Knight playing the role of the psychopathic joker. Ledger also received numerous posthumous accolades for his performance in The Dark Knight, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Azam is a conscientious individual. He is not alone because others fight for positive change like him in a world full of strife. And in the total of their acts, there will be a change.

“I would like to motivate people, to ensure their wellness. I want to use my speaking skills because the spoken word is powerful. In doing so I want to do my level best to create a ripple effect in society. I believe in myself and I am not lacking in confidence! I believe that my efforts can make a difference in society,” said Azam.

There is a saying that if you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path. This is a gift young Azam possesses. His commitment and dedication are traits that have brought him to his current position, a leader who treats everyone equally. Some who meet him and talk to him, instantly envision him as a motivational speaker, someone who can inspire others to follow his vision and values. Azam is interested in reading motivational stories to build up his self-esteem. This has been his passion since early childhood.

“I always say – try to make a difference in this world. Be content but never stop improving yourself. Work hard to fulfil your duties and responsibilities. That has got me to where I am now. I have always honoured my school and worked my way up the ladder of success,” explained Azam.

“I want to be an eco-friendly Architect. We need to protect and preserve our environment. Eco- friendly architecture is now very much talked about and has become a way of life for not only architects but for all nature lovers,” pointed out Azam.

It seems that motivation is a recurrent theme in the young man’s life as he overcomes obstacles and uses the opportunities presented to him to better himself. He is passionate about the environment. There is a Cree Indian Prophecy – ‘Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money’.

“I beseech the younger generation to preserve our natural environment for the next generation. Nature is our responsibility,” added Azam.

Both Azam and Dilsha wish to thank their families and the school along with the Principal and teachers for giving them all the support they needed and for always being there for them. The school has given them the correct guidance and motivation. The two Head Prefects have been turned into leaders with good character and will be assets to society.

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