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Water Board lacks experienced engineers

The government's national endeavour is to increase the drinking water supply coverage from prevailing 49 per cent to 60 per cent by the end of 2020, yet the National Water Supply and Drainage Board would face a great challenge due to the dearth of experienced engineers caused primarily by retirement of senior engineers at age of 60 years, a senior official of the NWSDB told Daily News.

He said further that from 2017 to date 47 senior experienced engineers have retired from service without extensions being sanctioned. He added that even though new engineers are recruited, the shortage of experienced professional engineers will not be arrested.

NWSDB has earmarked 334 water supply schemes and 6 wastewater schemes in the country with a view to achieve the millennium development goals. It has already started 10 mega level water supply and waste water projects costing 1,331 million US dollars. As a result of this national endeavour, the drinking water supply coverage will increase from prevailing 49 per cent to 60 per cent by 2020. It has also planned to implement another 6 water and waste water projects in the current year of which the estimate cost stands at Rs. 9.42 million US dollars.

He said further that there are several feasibility studies underway for embarking on new water supply projects. It is a plain fact that highly experienced and qualified engineers have retired in the past, recent past and more will retire in the years to come. It has been further observed that out sourcing of experienced and qualified engineers in water supply and sanitation sector in sufficient numbers is not feasible.

He added that the NWSDB engineers have submitted to the subject minister and the government to allow sensor level engineers in common to be in the service until reaching 61 years of age as such a move will narrow down the existing experience gap and mitigate, if not eliminate the ill-effects associated with retirement of engineers at 60 years.

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