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DUI? The car won’t start for you

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is one of the main causes of accidents worldwide. The Police have manual and electronic breathlysers, but how many drivers do not get caught and cause accidents? But what if your vehicle does not allow you to drive if you have had one too man ?

The answer is the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS), which will be ready for installation in many vehicles next year. This is a universal ignition interlock for all vehicles to prevent drunken driving. The built-in device would measure a driver’s Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) to determine whether the person can legally operate a motor vehicle. If not, it would effectively prevent the vehicle from starting.

The built-in ignition interlock would make an instantaneous and precise reading of every driver’s BAC level when the driver attempts to start the vehicle. Eventually, the device could become standard equipment, just like air bags.

The device would take BAC samples in one of two ways. A breath-based system would gather a whiff of a driver’s ambient breath. A touch-based system would analyze the touch of a driver’s finger, perhaps from a vehicle’s starter button. It will also have safeguards against drivers who might cheat.

Such a device — which requires understanding complexities involving the science of biology, spectroscopy, electrical engineering and consumer behaviour could save at least 100,000 lives a year worldwide. The ultimate goal is to have a device that can largely be deployed in all vehicles at reasonable cost.

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