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Police post set up in Kataragama for pilgrims’ benefit

Traders by the road towards Kiriwehera.
Traders by the road towards Kiriwehera.

A police post has been set up under the instructions of Southern Province DIG Rohan De Silva in the sacred city of Kataragama yesterday to take suitable action to minimize the inconveniences caused by beggars and hawkers to the pilgrims.

A large number of hawkers on either side of the road towards Kiriwehera are selling goods to the pilgrims causing them much pressure day and night. Moreover, many beggars, too, have become a nuisance for the pilgrims, residents of the area said.

Many women deceive pilgrims exploiting kids for their begging. Many of these beggars are drunkards and even obstructing pilgrims who visit the sacred places if they do not provide them with some sort of monetary assistance.

Meanwhile, a large group of women in yellow robes as Buddhist nuns collect money saying that they gather donations for various meritorious acts.

In 1969, the Kataragama city was declared a sacred area with a special gazette by late Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike after providing hawkers and traders in the city with shops outside the inner city.

Residents of Kataragama said that the city had a separate location for beggars and a special office was set up to remove mobile traders and beggars in the city. Even though watchers have been installed by the authorities even now, they do not take any steps against the traders and beggars, they said.

A monk told that a high number of vehicles come along the Nagahaveediya and traders flock there in great numbers to sell their goods to their occupants. The Thera said the PS does not take any steps to minimize the traffic jam even though many parking places have been empty whole day. Against these circumstances, a new police post can do much for the benefit of the pilgrims, the residents said. 

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