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UNP spent Rs 2.8 bn on vehicles since 2015 - Johnston

JVP strove to protect the Good Governance government:

The UNP led Good Governance government during their tenure had spent Rs 2.8 billion since January 8, 2015 for the vehicles for Cabinet Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers, said Roads and Highways and Ports and Shipping Minister and Chief Government Whip Johnston Fernando in Parliament yesterday.

He said that the JVP is also part and parcel of this act as it strove to protect the Good Governance government and was a part of it by working hard to prevent the same government from being toppled at various critical points. He added that the JVP can’t simply wash their hands just by raising questions on the matter and making suggestions.

He added that the JVP could have objected to the purchase of vehicles and cutting down on waste while they were working closely to solve the issues of pensioners and providing scan machines.

“The Sri Lankan economy which was one of the most vibrant economies in the Asian region in 2015 suffered a severe setback during the UNP Good Governance Government,” Minister Fernando said.

“During this period, the JVP was with them,” he said.

He made these observations in response to a query made by JVP Parliamentarian Nalinda Jayathissa during the round of questions for oral answers.

Minister Fernando said that the money spent for the purchase of vehicles was Rs 2.8 billion.

According to a document tabled in the House, they had purchased 79 vehicles at very high prices in the market.

The Minister added that Rs. 1.6 billion had been spent to buy vehicles for Cabinet Ministers, Rs.652 million for the State Ministers’ vehicles and another Rs.564 million for the Deputy Ministers’ vehicles. Raising a supplementary question, JVP leader Anura Dissananayake asked if the new government would auction these vehicles to solve the issue of pensioners or to provide a Scan Machine to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

He also said that all these statistics reflect as to how the Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers had spent money and also the status of the economy.

Minister Johnston Fernando in response said that once the JVP too held ministerial portfolios and they too used many vehicles. He pointed out after all the Good Governance Government was the JVP’s government too. They worked hard to establish that government. They also assisted the UNP government when the Opposition attempted to topple it. “On the other hand, the JVP went to Temple Trees and worked with the UNP in order to imprison us,” Minister Fernando said. “Hence, they can’t wash their hands from that sin.”

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