Avant Garde in Rs.1 bn project to train vocational skills, employ 5000 prison inmates | Daily News

Avant Garde in Rs.1 bn project to train vocational skills, employ 5000 prison inmates

Prison inmates will be trained on vocational skills so that their skills will provide a livelihood once released, Justice Human Rights and Legal Reforms Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said.

The proposed vocational skills development programme, the brainchild of Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi, will be carried out by the Avant Garde Company.

The entire programme cost will be funded by the Avant Garde. Once these prison inmates, who undergo vocational training are reintegrated into society, they will have added qualifications to find a job within the country or abroad. At the initial stage 5,000 prison inmates will undergo vocational training scheduled to be held in prisons soon. Avant Garde has taken the responsibility to offer employment for these inmates. Besides, a world accepted certificate will also be issued for the successful participants of the vocational training programmes.

The Minister said the programme can be considered as the best programme so far implemented for prison inmates aiming to strengthen them economically.

Avant Garde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi said foreign languages including English, French, German and Italian will be taught besides other vocational training programmes, It has been scheduled to earn US$ 300 million per annum at the initial stage. This amount will increase gradually in line with the increase of the number of followers, he said.

“Avant Grade is ready take up the responsibility of these inmates. All facilities including meals, educational facilities including providing of human capital required for vocational training will be supplied by the company. The company will pay Rs one billion to the Prisons Department once the course begins,” he said.

Minister Silva further added that this training will tremendously helpful to minimise the number of re-entering prisoners once released. It has been revealed that inmates face much-difficulties when finding a job once released as society is reluctant to offer jobs to former prison inmates. This situation had resulted in the former inmates engaging in illegal acts to make ends meet, these inmates re-entering prisons once again, the Minister said.

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