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Relief from suffering untold

Sangha committed to Dhamma in Sasana with reverence
Is a group of monks who form its essence
Shakyamuni Gautama welcomed all into his fold
As followers to relieve from suffering untold
In early years there were no rules and regulations
As Buddha was there for guidance and corrections
It was on Navam Poya day he introduced a code
“Ovada Patimokka” to lead them through blissful road
This discourse formed the basis and foundation
Of Buddha’s doctrine and discipline combination
This was the guiding principal for Sangha life
Covering the entire sphere of moral conduct sans strife
After enlightenment at Saranath he delivered the first sermon
And subsequently, his second and the third sermons
Now realizing there are enough numbers for propagation
He addressed sixty arahants to work for their liberation
Next was the two friends, Kolitha, Upatissa and retinue
Approaching Buddha at his sacred venue
They all had the opportunity of entering the Order
He pronounced them as the chief disciples of Sasana
Due to extreme pious lives led by the two
They were declared Sariputta Moggallana, the disciples true
Having preached walking on rough roads for 45 years
Thathagatha knew very well that his end was near
Thera Ananda’s failure to extend the invitation
To live further led Mara to fulfil his intention
Buddha complied with Mara’s request with no delay
“Aayu Sanskara” was determined on the Navam Poya Day
All these events highlight the importance
Of the Navam Poya Day and its significance

Rupa Banduwardena

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