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Where angels fear to tread

TITLE: Adventure Tours in Sri Lanka-Part Two

(Sri Lankawe Kriyadama Charika)


The magnum opus entitled: Adventure Tours in Sri Lanka (Sri Lankawe Kriyadama Charika) written in Sinhalese, published by the author Shaminda Ranshan Fernando was released recently.

The book is replete with hundred and eighty pages in the glossy paper of pure bliss. These ‘Daredevil’ adventures comprise trekking of about forty waterfalls, fifty peaks and few caves and more hidden attractions experienced by the author an intrepid nature enthusiast and four of his adventurist colleagues. The book is dedicated to the sensitive environmentalist who loves and protects flora, rivers and waterfalls, peaks, and valleys, tunnels and caves.

Once you read this book you will not leave it aside. You are bound to re-read it! The book is a nature adventurist enthusiast’s miscellany. I am always reminded of the fascinated colonial writers often quoted epithet: “Ceylon the Adam’s Garden,” when I got engrossed in reading this thought-provoking book.

Reading Adventure Tours in Sri Lanka -Sri Lankawe Kriyadama Charika is neither another reclined armchair adventure episode that any traveller could experience and a wayfarer could observe nor a fascinating story like Jungle Tide by John Still; ‘Seeing Ceylon’ - ‘Discovering Ceylon’ by Dr R. L. Brohier that lingers with a sense of nostalgia - they are all unremitting expeditions persevered by these three youth. The writer Shaminda Ranshan Fernando’s sensitive eye has envisioned what ‘angels fear to tread’ and has explored the unseen, unheard and has carved a niche in the annals of nature adventure explorations.

In my quest for reading his adventure’s what I could glean is that all fifty articles experience the author Shaminda and two of his adventurist friends have ‘dared’ except the Hot Air Ballooning tour experience in the area of Kandalama Lake located in the islet jutted out to the equipped tour all are upcountry caves, peak and waterfall adventure trekking. Once I perused his preface and some chapters only I could realize that these adventures of the ‘daredevil’ adventurist ‘were not gained in a sudden flight’, but was in nine years. Because there were few newest findings such as the highest peak of Uva province, Kirigalpotta peak in Knuckles, virgin Bumara Fall chain and Haritha Kanda.

Shaminda Ranshan’s travelogue is not fiction like Jules Verne’s ‘4000 leagues under the sea’. This compendium contains secret tips, snippets for an adventurist that would crave to encounter and quench once thirst for adventure sans any risks in once life. I commend author Shaminda Ranshan Fernando altruism for imparting his knowledge for the guidance of the future adventurist explorations.’

This handy opus would serve as a vade mecum for the nature lover who would seek recourse to spend once leisure in the salubrious climes to the true sense of the word: “Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Shaminda Ranshan Fernando’s book entitled: “Adventure Tours in Sri Lanka – Part Two (Sri Lankawe Kriyadama Charika)” in an adventurists enthusiasts guide for Sri Lanka’s exploration of nature’s true spectacle”.

This amazing guide book printed in art paper full colour with including comprehensive articles about adventure attractions for more than 100 in Sri Lanka. Those articles are including of all the information about the trek, guide details, special landmarks, GPS coordination and Google digital map with many colour photos. Further, this book also has special articles about the dozens of Mini World’s Ends in Sri Lanka and the GPS coordination for 180 waterfalls with dividing to 15 major routes and an article about handling offline Google maps for navigating purposes.

Reviewed by Hemantha Situge

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