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Independence Day messages

‘A proud occasion for our country’

The determined struggle for independence, which laid the foundation of the modern Sri Lankan civilisation and culture, is of invaluable significance in the history of mankind. Twenty-four years after gaining independence from the colonial matters, the islanders constitutionally established themselves as a fully autonomous Sri Lankan nation.

It should be mentioned with respect and gratitude that all these historical achievements would not have been possible if not for the dogged perseverance of the contemporary common man led by the political leaders of the day, states Foreign Relations, Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

The message: Since independence, Sri Lanka and its socio-political leadership have always taken the right path in progressing towards success despite the power conflicts of great powers.

“The third decade of the twenty-first century dawns in the midst of conflicting situations among great powers. In celebrating the 72nd Independence Day, as a nation, our determination should be to face world economic issues, political crises, power conflicts regional contingencies and neo-colonial socio-political strategies disguised as globalisation, under a visionary political leadership that fosters socio-economic progress, political stability, and cultural preservation.”

“After the introduction of the teachings of Gautama Buddha in the third century BCE, the island nation developed a great culture disciplined by his visionary teachings. The Sinhalese language, the main tongue of the island nation is one of the world’s oldest living languages that has been spoken continually for more than two millennia.”

“The island nation is renowned for its geographically and environmentally harmonious irrigation works that are regarded as a unique heritage of the world’s irrigation technology. Its fine arts such as paintings, sculptures, carvings as well as its exquisite literature scribed in a unique language are among the other heritages that bring them glory.”

“Throughout their history, Sri Lankans have remained loyal to their ruler by bravely joining in hands during hard times to beat off foreign invaders that came to loot their geographical and natural resources. Yet, the skill they had in absorbing desirable elements of the cultures of the foreign invaders and giving them their own cultural facet is a praiseworthy one. This nation successfully fought the invasions of several economically, financially, militarily and politically powerful nations since the 16th century ACE, and defended the territorial integrity of the island.”

“For the whole history of Sri Lanka, there is only one instance in which the entire island fell into the hands of a foreign nation. That was in the 19th century when Sri Lanka became a colony of the United Kingdom. That was an achievement of the diplomatic strategies rather than of the military forces of the powerful invader. Many a rebellion carried out by the island nation since the day of becoming a colony is recorded in world history bringing glory for the devotion and dedication the Sri Lankans displayed in their liberation struggle. When they failed to make progress with armed struggles, the camouflaged their liberation struggle with political, religious and cultural facets. Thus after a 130 long years the Sri Lankans successfully freed themselves from the hold of the colonial.”

‘Lankans enjoy maximum freedom’

Today, Sri Lankans enjoy political freedom with the establishment of the new government under a new President, leaving behind the system of party politics that prevailed for 71 years. This is the most positive factor of this change and it can be pointed out as the sign of the progress of a democratic country, states Minister of Public Administration, Home Affairs Provincial Councils and Local Government Janaka Bandara Tennakoon.

Excerpts from the message: “However, we are still struggling to achieve economic freedom. Lengthy explications arc not necessary to give the real picture. The negligence of numerous natural resources as well as the highly intellectual human resource has made the path for such downfall. Therefore, we should be determined even now to emerge as a nation utilizing our own resources. We should see the sunrise of an era, which prioritize the domestic manufacturing culture.”

“I believe that we can give true meaning to the concept of freedom by way of protecting the resources of the state for the benefit of future generations in the production economy. We should celebrate 72nd Independence Day in a country, which has economic stability through a domestic manufacturing system.”

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