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Surgical masks unnecessary - IDH Physician

The level of fear psychosis is both unwarranted and unprecedented, promoting many to wear surgical masks which is not necessary,” National Institute of Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) Director Consultant Physician Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama said.

Dr. Wijewickrama was speaking at a media briefing held at the Viyathmaga office in an effort to dispel misinformation surrounding the spread of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka. He said much of the information circulated widely on social media has led to a heightened sense of fear.

“Although the coronavirus is an epidemic, only one foreign national has been confirmed as having contracted the virus locally,” he said.

“The authorities are doing all they can to contain the virus and until a local citizen is infected, there is no need to speculate about its spread here.”

Dr.Wijewickrama advised that ordinary healthy citizens should not wear the surgical masks and it should only be worn by individuals who are in ill health with a contagious sickness. “We have also noticed that the manner the surgical mask is worn is also improper. People can be seen touching their face and mouth even when the surgical mask is worn which defeats the purpose of the mask in itself. The improper use will not help keep any sickness at bay.”

Physician Dr.Mahesh Harischandra said Sri Lanka has experienced bouts of other epidemics like the SARS and MERS in the recent past. However when compared to the mortality rates, he said that the coronavirus had a lower mortality rate.


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