‘Lankan students safe in Wuhan under govt. care’ – Chinese Embassy | Daily News


‘Lankan students safe in Wuhan under govt. care’ – Chinese Embassy

Beijing working on SL’s request to send Wuhan students:
50% reduced air travel for returnees :

The 32 Sri Lankan students in the large Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the current outbreak of the Coronavirus, are “safe and well looked after”, Chinese Embassy officials assured yesterday.

They said the World Health Organisation (WHO) had already fully endorsed China’s massive, multi-pronged, emergency response the virus outbreak, embassy officials in Colombo asked the public not to be misled by some foreign news reports.

Meanwhile, according to the Chinese Embassy, a total of 380 Sri Lankan students have arrived back in Sri Lanka over the last two days by special Chinese airlines flights. While none of the students have shown any symptoms of the virus, health officials have instructed them to immediately report to the nearest hospital if they experience any symptoms.

 Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing is currently working on the request made by the Foreign Relations Ministry to land a SriLankan Airlines aircraft to bring back 32 Sri Lankan students and any others living in Wuhan Province, embassy officials said.

The planned airlift could not be implemented earlier because of the stringent lockdown imposed across the entire Wuhan region as China, the world’s most populous country, grappled with this sudden virus outbreak that occurred just as that country geared up for the Chinese New Year. It is this time of the year that the biggest commuter movements occur as everyone goes home to celebrate. A Chinese embassy official in Colombo told the Daily News yesterday that there was no need to panic about the situation of the foreign students concerned as the Chinese government had identified them and was looking after them very well.

The official asked if Sri Lanka had received any reports as such from China that any of these students living in Wuhan were unsafe.

“We have 10 million people living in Wuhan who we care about, shielding them from the corona virus contagion. You are talking about 32 students who, just like the rest, already feel safe under the protection of the authorities, despite some Western media attempts to misrepresent China over the virus,” the official said.

“All you have to do is just be patient because we respect your requests and decisions regarding your visits and travels in China, “ he said, “The Chinese government has offered a 50 percent discount on air fee for those Sri Lankans who wanted to travel from China to Sri Lanka from other provinces after the news of the virus.”

Asked if those Sri Lankan students were receiving essential supplies of food , medicine and other provisions in the face of suspended public transportation due to the emergency, the official said: “ Please do not worry about that. We have shut down transportation into and out of cities affected by the virus, to contain the virus, not to cut down supplies.” “The transport suspension does not mean that there is no transportation.

"We are looking after the supplies,” he reiterated.“We have lots of experience handling critical situations. Our government has learned a lot from the SARS outbreak in 2003, which was more serious than the spread of the current corona virus,” he said.

The Chinese Government is confident that it can defeat Wuhan’s corona virus, he said. “The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared this sentiment with the world “ he added.

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