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Over 150,000 recordings stored in bank - Ranjan

UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake requested two days bail for him to table all evidence in his possession. He said it is difficult to submit the said material as he is in remand and do not have access to the said evidence safely stored at a private bank vault.

Ramanayake made this request when State Minister Kanchana Wijesekara pointed out that MP Ramanayake did not table evidence as claimed in his special statement in Parliament on Tuesday.

Ramanayake said his personal laptop, four mobile phones and hard disks are in the custody of the police and he needs to explore other options to provide the said material.

“All call recordings exceeding 150,000 are presently in possession of the police. Those call recordings are mine. So you cannot accuse me of not having materials in my hand. The said call recordings are kept safely in a private bank. Since I am in remand custody I find it difficult to access them. I have already entrusted this task to hand them to my personal secretary and hopefully I would be able to table some recordings soon. It is not an easy task when spies follow my secretary,” he added. When Ramanayake pointed out his difficulty of accessing the said materials, State Minister Wijesekara requested the Deputy Speaker to grant special permission to Ramanayake to extract the recorded evidence he alleges to have in his possession. “Yesterday MP Ramanayake said he will table the call and video recordings and other evidence he had. Until now he had not tabled any such material. When we made statements regarding corruption, we provided solid evidence to back them. This evidence should be tabled and then released to the media. Even my name was mentioned in his speech. I would like all such call recordings, including mine to be made public,” State Minister Wijesekara said. Wijesekara also said that MP Ramanayake is attacking and levelling allegations against all MPs in Parliament as he plans to contest as an independent candidate in the coming general election.


15,000 recordings submitted

UNP MP Dr.Harsha De Silva yesterday informed the House that MP Ranjan Ramanayake has submitted 15,000 voice recordings to Parliament.

He informed this to the House around 6.50 in the evening, during the adjournment motion.

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