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Nobel endeavour!

Diluka Rajapaksha is a young and aspiring freelance model who has won a prestigious title in an international pageant. Diluka was crowned ‘Mr Universe Nobel King 2019’ at Mr World Nobel King pageant held last year in Philippines, Manila.

In an interview with the Daily News T&C Diluka expressed his views on how he was inspired to take up modelling and about people who have encouraged and guided him on his quest towards becoming a fitness model of international caliber.

Q: Tell me about your ‘Mr World Noble King 2019’ experience.

Mr World Noble King 2019 was held in Philippines, Manila and was represented by 25 countries. There were activities for 12 days and it was an amazing experience. The event had three main titles and five mini titles. Main titles were Mr World Noble King, Mr Universe Noble King and Mr International Noble king. Mini titles were for Best National Costume, Best Formal Wear, Best in Talent, Best Swim Wear and Best Speech.

Q: You won ‘Mr Universe Noble King 2019’ title at the competition.

I was determined to win a title and I worked hard towards that goal. I always thought I could win a title and bring glory to my country. I worked very hard and constant practice took me to my goal.

Q: You also won the ‘Best in Talent’ mini pageant crown.

I selected a ‘fire dance’ act to compete for this title. That was the most dangerous thing I have ever done in my life so far. Very few people dare to do it. My talent round teacher was Rukmal Senanayake. I am glad that I won the title.

Q: You became ‘Mr Sri Lanka 2019’ prior to participating in this particular event.

Mr Sri Lanka 2019 was the very first pageant I participated in. That was basically a learning process for me. All participants were good and there was tough competition. Finally, I managed to win mini titles Mr Universe Tourism and Mr Photogenic. I am more than happy with my achievements.

Q: You are a freelance model. Why don’t you indulge in it full time?

I think modeling is temporary because as we age and move forward in life, we have to take up diverse challenges. There is also a time for a model. Thus, I would like to do modeling part time. However, I would do it right to add value to my life and modeling sphere.

Q: You are a cricketer - a batsman to be precise. Tell us about your sports feats.

I started to play cricket when I was 10 and it was my passion. I indulged in professional cricket until 2017.

I was the opening batsman and opening bowler and I lead the under -15 cricket team in my school, Isipathana College. I played under- 13 / 15 / 17 and 19. I joined the Colombo Cricket Club in 2014 after leaving school. I was compelled to stop my cricketing career to take up employment.

Q: Who are the people that mentored you on you quest towards becoming a fitness model?

My parents motivated me and my national director Rukmal Senanayake guided me. My sponsor, Shehara, too deserves a big thank you.One fine day I saw an advertisement on Facebook on Mr Sri Lanka 2019 posted by the national director Mayumi Srimalee. I applied for that and got selected. Eventually, I met Rukmal Senanayake, choreographer of Mr Sri Lanka pageant.

I’m here today because of him.

Q: What are your goals in the modeling career?

I love to take part in fashion shows and modelling shows abroad. I would be a part time choreographer in future and will continue with that adding value to the modeling sphere.

Q: What do you think of modeling pageants held in our country? How should we add value to those?

I think Sri Lankan pageants are fine. Yet we need to enhance the quality of our pageants and encourage sponsors.

Q: What is your suggestion for youngsters who aspire to get into the modeling industry, become models and represent their country at international pageants?

You have to maintain your body and live a disciplined life constantly to be a model. You have to work hard, have focus and improve knowledge since the peak time for a model is limited.

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