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Ceylinco Healthcare launches 3D posture scans

First in Sri Lanka to offer advanced scanning software from Sweden

Ceylinco Healthcare Services Limited (CHSL) has announced the introduction of a digital posture, balance and movement screening service to help identify and remedy common, but poorly managed, movement-related disorders, which affect one in every three people because of musculoskeletal, neurological or age-related problems.

The software developed by Swedish technology company Qinematic, uses accurate and fast 3D marker-less motion capture for human movement analysis. CHSL is first in Sri Lanka to offer the scans in order to providean objective assessment of posture, movement patterns and balance of patients,and assist physiotherapists in making better decisions and optimal interventions for preventing and improving problems connected to poor static and dynamic posture.

Normally reserved for research and elite sports people, motion capture was once very expensive. With the more affordable Qinematic Posture Scan, CHSL has a unique opportunity to offer clients a scan and a report at an introductory price of Rs 5000 per person at the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre at Park Street, Colombo 2.

Qinematic Posture Scan works by recording human movement using a 3D camera and advanced computer software.The process is very simple. A client follows some simple onscreen instructions such as standing posture and balance, side bending, and small squats. The software can detect any difficulties and adjust to ‘Easy Mode’ to accommodate people with more serious issues. Advanced biomechanical models in the software are used to give immediate animated feedback and accurate measurements in a report.

To support the introduction of the Qinematic Posture Scan, CHSL recently conducted a workshop for 35 healthcare practitioners including Physiotherapists, Rheumatologists and gym instructors.The workshop was conducted by the CEO of Qinematic Glenn Bilby, a Human Movement Scientist and Physiotherapist with expertise in the field for over 30 years. He instructed health workers from the CHSL network onhow to interpret reports and operate the system, and elaborated on how biomechanics can be used for evidence-based health services, better decision making and measuring outcomes.

Qinematic Posture Scan, CHSL Director Thushara Ranasinghe said “This automated scan is quick, fun and motivating.Movement-related disorders can prevent many people from engaging in physical activities, and that can in turn contribute to metabolic and cardiovascular illness. The Qinematic Posture Scan can help many people overcome movement difficulties, exercise more and enjoy better health and an improved quality of life.”

The movements performed during the Posture Scan are carefully selected to capture the foundational building blocks of everyday activities at home, at work and in sports. The scan protocol is standardised to make the results comparable and the analysis reliable. Movementsare ‘practiced’ along with the instructional video, after which the 3D recordingtakes place. The Posture Scan also collects some important metadata that can be linked tofactors such as gender, age, discomfort, history of falling and handedness.

This scan is usefulfor assisting in diagnosis ofmovement, balance and posture-related conditions that include not only an aching back, neck, shoulders and feet; Harvard Health recently published an article that claimed that in some cases, incontinence, constipation, heartburn and slow digestion too can be associated with poor posture. Bad posture can also be associated with poor circulation, impaired lung function, constricted nerves, and issues of the spine.

Poor movement patterns are easily improved if the underlying problems are identified early, and usually respond well to corrective or preventative exercises. After a Qinematic Posture Scan at the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre, the outcome of the scan will be reported by a physiotherapistalong with a recommended course of action.

Gym instructors, athletic and fitness coaches, physiotherapists, and rheumatologists who suspect dysfunction, pain or inactivity may be related to poor movement, balance and posture, can now direct clients to the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre for an objective Qinematic Posture Scanto assist with evidence based decisions and recommendations. The centre can also offer a physiotherapy consultation.

Qinematic makes software for 3D analysis of static and dynamic posture. The software turns affordable and off-the-shelf technology into an advanced movement lab, so that everyone can afford accurate and objective assessment of movement.

Ceylinco Healthcare Services owns and operates the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre and the Ceylinco Diabetes Centre at Park Street, Colombo 2, offering comprehensive screening, diagnostic services and medical care. It also has two radiation treatment units - the Ceylinco Radiation Treatment Centre and the CeylincoTomoTherapy Centre, that have successfully administered radiation therapy to over 5,000 patients.

Qinematic Chief Executive Officer Glenn Bilby conducting the workshop

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