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AA Sri Lanka launches road safety campaign

Automobile Association of Sri Lanka officials (AA)at the launch
Automobile Association of Sri Lanka officials (AA)at the launch

Federation Internationale de l’Automobile with Automobile Association of Sri Lanka (AA) launched a road safety campaign along with the corporate sector to protect children specially seated in front seats without proper safety measures.

The National Road Safety Council and Department of Police also will join us in this noble project to save many lives and prevent injuries in an accident.

Recently a two-year-old child died in a motor accident when the mother accompanied the kid in the front sea,” an official from AA Sri Lanka said.

“Restraining children in vehicles is an important topic which is totally ignored by the authorities and parents in Sri Lanka. There are no laws to prevent children being taken in front passenger seats, or regulations making it compulsory for parents to accompany children in car seats specially designed for infants and kids.”

“Many accidents have occurred causing death and injuries to kids who are accompanied without the use of seatbelts. Some stand in the middle of the car or at times even travel on the rear portion near the windscreen.

Today, kids are given helmets when accompanied on motorcycles. This is a result of the campaign carried out by AA Ceylon together with FIA, under the campaign – ‘Safer ride for all’. In 2014, Jean Todt, President of FIA personally inaugurated this campaign and met the President of Sri Lanka to discuss on road safety, particularly the need to wear helmets and seatbelts.

Prior to this campaign, very few kids were accompanied with helmets by their parents. Raising it to a significant level was a remarkable achievement in less than five years.

The National Road Safety Council and Department of Police and several companies have extended their fullest corporation and support to launch this campaign.

Developed countries have strict laws enforced on child restrain and proper guidance is given to take children in cars and motorcycles. In FIA’s Golden Rules on 3,500 lives Road Safety campaign, Michelle Yeoh, Actress, Producer and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador says that, “a lot of parents allow children to travel in vehicles without properly restrained placing children’s safety as risk. Seat belt must be used in children.”

She says that the Child Safety Seats can reduce the likelihood of a fatal crash by up to 70% in infants. This Campaign is launched with the aim of protecting future generations from being permanently or partially disabled, which could also result as a huge burden to the country.

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