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Smart ID for vehicles on the cards

Will ease traffic congestion, provide enhanced security:

Passenger Transport Management, Power and Energy Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the Department of Registration Motor Vehicles (RMV) to commence the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) project, a statement issued by the Passenger Transport Ministry said.

The discussion regarding the RFID system was held at the Ministry on Wednesday.

When Minister Amaraweera inquired from officials about the non-implementation of the RFID project, they said that although the preliminary work on the project has been completed, there were several practical issues in the implementation of the project. Identifying a vehicle through RFID helps to reduce traffic congestion and is useful in several other ways.

The projects involves installing a RFID tag on each vehicle. There are three main benefits:

Access Control - The ability to allow or deny access based on a vehicle having a specific RFID tag is a valuable way to provide a building or parking lot an enhanced level of security. These systems keep out unauthorised vehicles that would otherwise take up space and deter individuals from entering a secure building or lot. Thousands of RFID vehicle access control applications are operative in apartment and housing complexes, secure parking lots, and construction yards.

Vehicle Identification – The ability to identify a vehicle and access information about it by reading its RFID tag is beneficial for companies like car rental agencies, car dealerships, and even car wash facilities. With the addition of software, these companies can pull up car records or purchases just by reading the car’s unique RFID tag.

Rental companies and dealerships could have several cars on the lot that are nearly identical, so the unique RFID tag provides them with vehicle identification without trying to find and compare multiple vehicles. Car washes (and other companies using car servicing as a business model) can use RFID to uniquely identify cars to enhance loyalty programmes and automate transactions. Additionally, states and localities use RFID systems to automate tolling charges and keep traffic flowing more smoothly for those participating in the programme.

Vehicle Tracking – Tracking a vehicle while it is traveling hundreds or thousands of miles is not a capability of RFID, but if checkpoints are set up along the route, the location of the vehicle can be estimated based on when it passes each one. When 18-wheelers are weighed, their RFID tags are read to pinpoint location and can also be used to document the journey. For companies or persons interested in tracking vehicles in real time and without setting up expensive infrastructure, vehicle GSP tags are a better solution.

Addressing these matters, Minister Amaraweera advised the Traffic Police and RMV to initiate the RFID project solution for road safety to control traffic in rush hours in urban areas.

Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna was also present at the discussion.

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