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Ocean in a mug

The online store OceanTeabag really stands behind its name, creating charming, glowy, and ocean-inspired tea bags. Launched by Takahashi Shota, this Japanese project started with just two types of tea bags – squid and octopus – but in time, the selection became much wider.

Delicately crafted with layers and folds of paper, each creation has a recognizable form and texture. When you put the bag in hot water, it seems like it becomes alive and floats in its miniature ocean. But if you are wary about the taste, worry not. All of the “animals” are flavours you already know, such as mint or strawberry. The squid, on the other hand, is black tea, inspired by the black oil released by actual squids, while the octopus is a combination of several herbal flavours.

The tea bags are suitable for both adults and fussy children. Why not be the coolest grandpa at your next tea party? The fun shapes and colors will make your children ask for a second cup of tea.

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