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Walking in harmony

The International Buddhist Unity Forum was held in Kathmandu in Nepal at Hyatt Regency Hotel recently with participation of delegates from China, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Laox, Thailand, Vietnam, European countries and the USA. The forum was organised by the Laox Golden Triangle Buddhist Association and most Venerable Gehsela. Venerable Beragama Piyarathana Thera led the Sri Lankan delegates to the conference. The conference themes were divided into three sub topics:

1. How to support the virtues of individuals who are contributing in various fields worldwide and how to assist their good deeds and provide stability.

2. How can we together serve Buddhism for all, based on a common fundamental among different traditions and communities?

3. How should we work for social unity among all nations and ethnicities ensuring a way to discover world peace?

Venerable Piyarathana Thera addressed the conference on how to achieve unity harmony and peace while understanding the Buddha’s teachings. He elaborated that Saptha Aparihaniya Dhamma (seven factors that prevent degeneration) are a mode of non violence and universal love applicable to the modern society.

The conference led participants to gain new insights.

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