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Titles and awards in fine arts

Most of the Oriental classical dance forms are strongly deep-rooted in traditional culture. All these dance forms have their very own historical background, based on aesthetic essence and aesthetic values. Earlier it was believed that practising these ancient dance forms provide contemplation to the mind and uplift the human life to a spiritual level. All these divine art forms lead us to the path of salvation. These divine forms are very good physical and mental therapy for the individuals and develop very strong willpower within themselves.

At present, there are plenty of fine art teachers in the art world as compared to yesteryears. Most of them have taken up fine arts for their teaching profession, not because of their deep interest or involvement in their selective art forms, but mainly for an earning venture.

Real ability

They must avoid too much of mere publicity through different mass media. Some of the teachers are too much crazy for their self-publicity. They do not hesitate to accept or to use any unrecognized titles. Their aim of using these titles is to attract the maximum amount of students to their classes. And such an attitude always misleads the general public to assess their real ability. Especially these budding artistes are ready to accept awards from any unrecognized and unauthorized organizations or institutions. Many of these inexperienced artistes are longing for titles and awards. Without any meaningful contributions to the art world.

They don’t hesitate to accept these titles even from unrecognized bodies or even from any individual. Some of the Hindu temple trusts and trustees or certain Hindu priest organizations are playing an active role in awarding titles to these unknown artists.

Unfortunately in Sri Lanka, there is no active statutory board or body to control or regulate this menace. Nobody questions the validity of these titles. Most of these artists are using these unrecognizing titles publically or openly. Mainly the new faces who entered the art field very recently are longing to use these unrecognized titles just to adorn their names.

Earned degrees

Even the art world should understand that worldwide honorary doctorates awarded by numerous universities are not allowed to use these honorary doctorates titles publicly. These doctorates are not earned degrees, but the honorary doctorates are awarded by the universities on numerous grounds. It is a customary tradition that these honorary doctorates should not be used in front of their names. Now several foreign universities are trading the doctorate degrees for cash.

It is a praiseworthy fact to be mentioned here that in Sri Lanka, certain state-controlled print media organizations do not allow using even the state awarded titles, in the articles and write-ups. Real artistes should contribute their contributions without expecting anything from anywhere.

Building up the reputation is much more important for an artist rather than seeking publicity. Preserving the self-respect and self-dignity are more important for the artistes. They must try to preserve and protect the art and try to transmit the divine art forms to the next generation.

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