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President calls Australian PM:

Expresses sympathies over bushfire devastation

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday called Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to extend his sympathies to Australia over the devastation caused due to bushfires, a communiqué issued by the President’s Media Division said.

President Rajapaksa had extended his condolences to families of the bushfire victims.

The President had said, as a country which had suffered from many natural disasters including the 2004 tsunami, the Sri Lankan people could fully understand the pain and suffering the affected Australian people are going through.

President had Rajapaksa went on to say that Sri Lanka would donate a stock of Sri Lankan tea to the Australian people. The current bushfires in Australia are considered the most devastating in its history.

Bushfires have been a part of the Australian landscape during this time of the year, but this time they have a wrought a significant amount of damage. Already around 30 people have died, including relief workers.

It is said that around five million animals too have died but experts think that the numbers could be much higher.


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