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Magisterial inquiry into Passara accident held

The magisterial inquiry into the accident at Passara – Madolsima on Monday evening which killed eight people and injured over 40 was held near the 6th Mile Post at Mahadowa, Madolsima and the Passara Hospital by Badulla Magistate Chaminda Karunadasa yesterday morning.

The postmortem examination of the deceased was due to be held by the Badulla JMO yesterday afternoon, Madolsima Police said. The 41 who were seriously injured in the accident are receiving treatment at the Badulla General Hospital.

Police said among the injured was a police officer who went to the scene of the accident for rescue operations. Among those who died in the accident are a 17-year-old schoolboy and an 18-year-old schoolgirl. There are four other women among the dead.


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