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President orders:

One-day approval for housing, small-scale business construction plans

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has directed officials to grant approval for properly prepared housing and small-scale business construction plans within a day.

Rigid regulations and time-consuming processes of approving construction plans pose great difficulties to the public. Hence, it is the responsibility of the government to minimise the hardships faced by the people by simplifying existing rules and regulations, said President Rajapaksa during a meeting with officials of the entities which come under the purview of the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities held at the Presidential Secretariat on Monday.

The President advised officials to authorise local authorities to approve plans and to pay attention to expedite the preparation of related provisions by other institutions.

President Rajapaksa also directed that an official with a legal background be appointed to grant approval plans in the waiting list. Issuing the Conformity Certificate in a day was also made mandatory.

The necessity of granting loans at a concessionary rate with a long re-payment period for those who are purchasing a house for the first time was also discussed.

The President highlighted the importance of identifying investment opportunities available in each province and area and obtaining approval from government institutions and taking steps to inform the same to the Board of Investment. This process will encourage foreign investors and give them the opportunity to commence their projects without undue delays. Beautification of small cities around the country will attract more tourists, President Rajapaksa said. Cities such as Thalawakele, Ella and Ginigathhena were cited as examples and steps to be taken to modify them were also discussed.

The President also directed that the Weras Ganga project should be expedited.

During the discussion, special attention was drawn to waste management.

President Rajapaksa told the relevant officials to take steps to transform waste into organic fertiliser and to use technology to the maximum during the process.

The President pointed out the possibility of reducing price of sand by removing accumulated sand deposits with the assistance of Geological Survey and Mines Bureau. This will also be instrumental in providing solutions to the issue of flooding in many parts of the country.

It was also decided to commence the Beira Lake purification project and to immediately close down identified areas where waste is being added to the lake.

Ministers Gamini Lokuge and Indika Anuruddha, the Secretary to the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities and several other officials were also present at the discussion.

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