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Life-changing moments!

Samanthika Kumarasinghe, being a mother won the prestigious award of Mrs Asia 2019 held in Myanmar after competing with beauty queens from 21 Asian countries.

The pageant had four mini segments; Mrs Classic, Mrs Friendship, Mrs Charity Queen and Mrs Asia International World Peace. Samanthika in addition to winning the title of Mrs Asia 2019 also won Mrs Asia International World Peace award and Best National Costume mini pageant award at this transnational event.Samanthika in an interview with the Daily News T&C expressed her views on the challenges she had to overcome as a mother and finer points of a pageant of this nature she was eager to grasp on her quest to win Mrs Asia International crown.

Q: What was the first thing that came into your mind when you were announced, Mrs Asia 2019?

It was an unexpected turn of events even though I hoped to win this crown for my motherland. I felt very happy and proud of being a Sri Lankan at that moment. This recognition that came as a surprise, changed my life.

Q: How did you build a rapport with other participants at the preliminary events?

The significant thing about the people of our country is their unique smile and being a Sri Lankan I am no exception. My smile and simple nature naturally helped me to make a rapport with others.

We had to share rooms and I shared my room with the Indian contestant, doctor Shilpa. My Hindi speaking ability came in handy when communicating with her.

There wasn’t rivalry between us but there was stiff competition between candidates.

Q: Being a mother how did you manage to maintain your figure to represent Mrs Asia pageant?

Before Mrs Asia pageant I took part in Mrs Sri Lanka pageant for which I loss weight. After being nominated as Mrs Asia International Sri Lanka, I did strenuous workouts to tone down my body and did some dieting too. When dieting, I was concerned about feeding my baby. However, when we do good things Mother Nature also helps us. So I was able to feed my baby still while taking part in these chores.

Q: You won Mrs Asia International World Peace award and Best National Costume mini pageant award too at the event.

As a nation we have very talented and creative people. I am honoured that Hiran Wijesekara designed my national costume and Mahesh Indika helped me to get ready for the talent round in a creative manner. Mrs Asia international world peace crown was the one that made me happy most.

Q: What was your inspiration to become a professional model at the first place?

Becoming a professional model was very challenging. Within our country’s context it’s very difficult to achieve this. People judge what we do hence we have to tread very carefully on that path. I had the desire and discipline that helped me to accomplish this.

Q: How did your husband support your modelling career?

When I met my husband first he worked at a TV station and I was a model and TV presenter. After three years in marriage I asked for his consent to apply for the Mrs Sri Lanka pageant but he was reluctant at first. Eventually, he gave me permission. Without his support I couldn’t have achieved this goal.

Q: What special attributes did you grasp from Mrs Sri Lanka pageant to add value to your modelling career?

It is actually the other way round. I entered the modeling field in 2004 and for 15 years of my modeling career I have achieved much prior to contesting in Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant. I think I have added value to Mrs Sri Lanka pageant. Not only me, all 15 contestants added value to the pageant.

Q: You have followed a civil engineering course and you are a draftswoman and a beautician. Education plays a vital role in your life.

From the inception I loved to study. So I worked towards educating myself in different fields. Modeling is my passion. As a qualified beautician I have a diploma in hair dressing, City and Guilds, NVQ Level 4. These qualifications have added immense value to my life.

Q: Do you believe professional education adds value to the beauty and elegance of a woman’s face?

Yes, I certainly do. Professional qualifications added value and a meaning to my life. It also lighted up my beauty and elegance.

Q: What attributes should a contestant should have to promote her country at an international beauty pageant?

Beauty and charisma comes first. Education adds value. Whenever we get an opportunity to represent our country internationally we should bear in mind to promote our motherland.

There are other attributes too. For example, in the pre-judging round of Asia International pageant, we were told to bring a traditional or cocktail dress. I chose a traditional Sri Lankan Saree. In the talent round too I did Sri Lankan traditional dancing steps.

Q: Did you get enough support from sponsors to represent Sri Lanka at Mrs World?

To tell the truth, I couldn’t find any sponsor for this pageant. However, my national director Samantha Gunasekara, Jonny Gunasekara and former beauty queen and model Wasana Danthanarayana, supported and encouraged me. I am indebted to them.

Sponsors should come forward proactively to support potential international pageant contestants. We are ambassadors of Sri Lanka and we attract people towards our country.

Q: How can the country’s tourism sector derive support from beauty queens of international caliber like you to add value to tourism?

Authorities could plan and bring international pageants to Sri Lanka and find sponsors for us. Having international pageants here itself will expose the vividness of our country to the world. It will boost tourism in an unprecedented manner.

Q: Your name has a similarity to Geetha Samanmalee Kumarasinghe. Don’t you like to try your luck in cinema as an actress?

I do not have much interest in acting at this moment. However, if I get a good opportunity I might consider. Let’s hope for the best!


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