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Intimate glimpse into the Muslim world

Book: Stay, Daughter: A memoir of Muslim girlhood

Author: Yasmin Azad

Stay, Daughter is a coming-of-age memoir that gives an intimate glimpse into the world of Muslims. Set in the colonial citadel of the Galle Fort, the story follows the history of a community that in the late 19th century, breaks with the traditions of the time to give girls a secular education and permission to go out of their homes. Before long, such freedom and exposure to foreign ideas brings heartbreak to many families as their daughters break away from traditional norms.

Against this backdrop unfolds the story of a father and patriarch whose values are rooted in the conservative Islamic culture into which he was born. When in later years he has to negotiate a changing world where women are no longer who they used to be, tragedy unfolds.

Although the book narrates the story of a single family, it draws on a situation almost all Muslims struggle with: the challenge of balancing the rules of orthodox Islam with the freedom and innovations of the modern world.

Yasmin Azad grew up in the Galle Fort and now lives in the United States.

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