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Stunning fashion photo shoot

As the world’s deepest and clearest lake, Siberia’s Lake Baikal is picturesque all on its own. But when you add incredible fashion and colourful lighting, it takes on a new air of magic.

Photographer Kristina Makeeva, who is known for her lush fashion and travel photography, produced a stunning set of images that show off the majestic scenery and equally exquisite garments. Working in collaboration with SmugMug, Makeeva commissioned fashion that would highlight the landscape and create a surreal atmosphere.

SmugMug followed Makeeva as she created this dreamscape fantasy for the short film Imagination Unbound. In it, Makeeva discusses how her childhood growing up in the grey suburbs of Moscow caused her creativity to flourish. Her childhood daydreams and fantasies of far off places have translated into her photography, as she’s now able to make these dreams a reality.

Coming to Lake Baikal for the shoot was a natural choice for Makeeva.

“Baikal is a very beautiful place but it’s also a very spiritual place,” she shares in the film.

“It has an energy that you can feel. It has a transcendental element that really drives my creativity. It’s another world and one of my favorite places on earth.”

Her aim in commissioning the dresses was to make them larger than life, so grand that they could stand up to the wonder of Baikal’s landscape. By contrasting the sleek ice with the natural, flowing materials of the dresses, Makeeva is able to achieve her fantasy. It’s breathtaking work that reinforces her position as a top fine art photographer. As she continues to explore the world, she brings her magical vision of life to the public through her work.

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