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Engineers question airworthiness of 2017 leased Airbus

Call for fresh report on leased SriLankan plane

Tourism and Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga has instructed Ministry Secretary Marina Mohammad to order a fresh, detailed report from SriLankan Airlines (SLA) with regard to the controversial Airbus A330-200 aircraft leased in 2017.

The Minister had given these instructions to the Secretary subsequent to a meeting he had with the Aircraft Engineers’ Association of SLA on Friday (3).

During the meeting it was revealed that the said aircraft had been brought to the country under the previous government amidst the severe objections by the aircraft engineers due to the lack of its airworthiness.

The aircraft, which had been used by Air Portugal, had been inspected by two SriLankan Airlines engineers before it was taken over by the national carrier. However, none of the representatives from the Civil Aviation Authority had participated during this aircraft inspection.

SriLankan airlines union representatives pointed out to Minister Ranatunga that this aircraft had been brought to Sri Lanka only in 2018 though it was originally scheduled to be put in to operation 2017. Since then, SriLankan Airlines, being the lessee, had been paying a monthly rental of USD 585,000 to the lessor but, the plane remains on the ground as its facilities are not up to standard.

The Minister instructed the Secretary to ignore a previous report compiled by the aircraft engineers and call a fresh and a detailed report from SriLankan and also a second report from the Engineers’ Association in this regard.

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