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‘Constitutional amendment before elections’

State Minister of International Relations Susil Premajayantha, commenting on the Policy Statement presented to Parliament by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday and the Government’s future plans, said if the Government contests the election with the backing of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), they could only obtain a total of 96 MPs in Parliament.

“However, in order to obtain the majority, we need 113 and to obtain a two-thirds majority, we need 150. Therefore, during the next two months, while making every effort to implement all the proposed policies of the President, we also intend to bring in a constitutional amendment which is conducive to the country. We also need to consider when the elections need to be held, the future progress of the country, economic development, eradication of poverty and how to proceed towards sustainable development. This policy declaration is one that is filled with constructive and progressive policies,”the Minister said.

Asked whether the Opposition would support the Government’s policy, he said, “Not only the United National Party (UNP), but also the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) would have to support this policy of the Government as it contains factors which are favourable for the country.”


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