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Resolute to be in silence

Stop drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling are no doubt excellent New Year resolutions. One can have one of them for a New Year resolution or all of them as a single unit. The people who succeeded in keeping such a resolution over the year would certainly achieve an outstanding success in their set targets at the year end. However, a survey on the people who kept New Year resolution on January 1 shows that 85 per cent of them have dissolved their resolutions as time went past towards the year’s end.

Many of these New Year resolutions are stereotype. People repeatedly pledge themselves at the eve of every year that they refrain from bad habits such as smoking, drinking and gambling. On the other hand, they keep promising to themselves that they donate something every single day, read a passage of a good book every day, and teach children their lessons or such angelic things. Most often some of them stick to their resolutions and make their lives meaningful at the end but many fail.

Have anyone thought of keeping a New Year resolution yet, not to watch television? If people do not watch or minimize their time at the television set, their lives will be better. This has been suggested by academics and experts in sociology. TV wastes your time, drains your brains, worsens your health and ruins many other yours which you never thought of earlier.

For example, TV programmes deprive you of your independence or of your free thinking. Many political programs do not enlighten you but blind you to the truth for the advantage of those who represent entirely opposite. Likewise many entertainments on the TV, too, mislead fans.

Take teledramas for instance. About two hours in the evening, on some TV channels even over two hours, are taken by episodes of at least four teledramas. Hardly anything worthwhile is in these plots. They are woven from domestic rumours and adulterous love affairs rousing base emotions. Viewers, too, skip few stories that talk about important issues and indulge in trash wasting their time which they can use for something valuable for them and society. So keeping a New Year resolution to get away from television as much as you can will open you new vistas in life.

Even though many do not agree, promising to themselves not to read trash including many of news features will give them a new lease of life in the New Year. People are stuffed with write-ups on internet, newspapers, TV channels, leaflets, parapet walls, mobiles and on many other mediums. They cannot keep their minds calm and think independently because of the never ending flow of stories. Just refrain from giving attention to these channels will make people calm and content.

Many religions, therefore, teach us the importance of keeping our mind free of noise. Noise of music, noise of news, noise of politics and noise of day to day ding dong make our lives chaotic. Just being in silence and peep into our minds for a few minutes, will provide us with space to capture gems in us. Always seeking gossips in and outside would lead people to shallow plains of life pushing us into oblivion of the depth of humanity. So keep a New Year resolution to be silent and contemplative will make us more humane in the New Year and beyond.

Unless and until people understand value of silence, noise of ignorance will invade our life. They would indulge in others’ faults just to laugh at them and have a cheap joy. Meanwhile, life will fade fast before they realize it. So each of us should keep a New Year Resolution in this New Year to make the least noise and contemplate more over pronounced things in life rather than over mundane.

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