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Half of country’s registered parties inactive - Paffrel

About 50 percent of the registered political parties in the country do not contest elections, the People's Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) revealed.

The election watchdog group, in its Interim Report of the ‘Presidential Election 2019’ released last week, pointed out that there are 70 registered political parties, but a significant number of them do not engage in any political activity. The report observed that a considerable number of those parties are accused of selling themselves at very high prices at elections. It noted that many parties also fail to provide official documents to the Election Commission on time.

The PAFFREL further revealed that certain political parties operate on a single person, and that there are more than five political parties with less than three members on the executive board. “These are often the parties without a people base. It is time to reconsider the party registration criteria to avoid these situations. Legislation should be enacted to prevent registration of political parties without genuine political purpose. Also, legislation should be enacted to ensure 30 percent women's representation in political parties,” the PAFFREL said in its interim report.

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