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Cochlear implants expand hearing possibilities

A cochlear implant is an established, effective and long-term solution for people with moderate to profound hearing loss. Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants bypass the damaged part of the cochlea and provides stimulation to the auditory nerve. Cochlear Pvt. Ltd. has been the pioneer in the implant technology for over 35 years and is still the leading global expert in implantable hearing solutions, dedicated to bringing the gift of sound to people all over the world. Wickramarachchi Hearing Care are the sole distributors of Cochlear in Sri Lanka covering the majority of Cochlear Implant Surgeries with the help of government and private cochlear implant programs around the Island.

The advanced cochlear implant system which is designed to simply help enjoy smarter hearing is the world's most reliable implants internally. The latest Cochlear processors (N6 System and Kanso) has SmartSoundiQ has a range of individual technologies that are designed to work together seamlessly to help enjoy the best of the hearing world. The Implant processors are specifically designed to give the best chance of hearing in the most difficult situations. It continuously detects the sound environment and switches different technologies on and off to give the best hearing in that environment. With the True Wireless range, clear speech and sound is delivered directly to the sound processor from wherever - from talking on the phone to dinner conversation with friends with the help of state of the art wireless accessories. The award winning Cochlear Nucleus Aqua+ transforms the sound processor into a completely waterproof behind-the-ear or off the ear solution.

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