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An apple a day...

Joaquin Phoenix went on to star in the 2019 psychological thriller film ‘Joker’, for which he was critically acclaimed. His performance in the DC movie is considered to be Oscar-worthy by fans of the actor.

The movie has garnered several accolades and has a huge fan base to praise it. For the role of the lead character, Phoenix had to prepare a lot.

Joaquin Phoenix lost 24 kgs for his character of Arthur Fleck, who later turns into the Joker, one of the most iconic characters from the DC comics. Reportedly, for the role, Phoenix had to go through a highly impossible diet regime. It is being said that the actor only survived on apple. He used to eat just one apple per day for three months. He had totally refused to take help from dieticians and nutritionists. This incredible physical transformation earned him high praise from several fans and critics. Fans of Phoenix are highly excited and are speculating that the actor will definitely win an Oscar, due to his outstanding performance and his diet regime.

On his diet, the actor said that it affects your psychology, and you start to go mad. It is reported that Todd Philips gave the actor a blank journal, or more specifically a ‘joke book’, which helped him to perfect his character. Talking about his character, Phoenix said that Arthur Fleck is so hard to define, that you do not really want to define him. The character of Arthur Fleck, in the movie, is a troubled young man, who lives with his mother. He is psychologically disturbed and suffers from clinical depression.

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