Here came our Santa...

With a click and a clock
And a big red bag on back
Here came our Santa
Giving gifts to the little kids
Blinking dolls to the girls
Red painted cars to the boys
But no toy pistols to the little ones
As many toys left in his bag
He kept waiting for little kids
Not knowing they are no more
After the devil's attack


2020 speaks

2020 speaks to 2019
behave properly
be responsible
serve humanity--
don't you dare
infect me with your calumny
I know you too well
you can't ever fool me!


With open arms, let’s welcome the New Year
For a peaceful world with great wishes sincere
Let’s bury our sins with the year that’s gone
And begin a new life with the one that’s dawned.
Immoral thoughts like jealousy and anger
Should be sealed inside, in a deep slumber
Treating them all with strong sleeping doses
Prevent them using again their cruel, wicked forces
Sans cast, creed or religion, help those in need
Are these of any value for such Godly deeds?
Do not be guided by wealth, power and money
‘Live and let live’ is the key for peace and harmony.

Ungrateful  Mosquitoes

Oh, you mosquito,
A weighing machine
cannotshow your weight.
But you have a needle like mouth,
For your mischief, which is fatal.
You float over my body,
Hissing tunes into my ears,
To sense I am sleeping or not.
Either to escapegetting crushed,
Or to stingto taste my blood.
Forcibly sucking my blood,
To quench your thirst,
You made mea dengue patient.
Doctors dropped their hopes.
An ungrateful creature!
Before becoming a victim to you,
Enough I have seen children,
Being attacked by you mercilessly.
Thus depriving their right of living.
A curse and worst creation of God!


I am afraid to end this poem
The year came to a close too shortly
I fear it is an ominous omen
That I will sparsely remember fondly.
I have been alive nearly two decades,
And in 2020, I turn 19:
To find myself wandering Cascades
Pondering to see what I glean.
But I foolishly plead to have this be my year, our year.
Not a year of the pig but a year of the horse’s glory.
That we shall premier or fear to be sincere.
This is our story to be told in our oratory.
This is my final year, my undying year,
My undying fear, felt itself tense up,
When they demanded I take a career
In speculating the woes of grown ups
I deride my festooning derision
On the chains of Putin and the Zuck,
And they have not swayed my sick decision
To reminisce on our gnarly luck,
Because I find that Spongebob Squarepants taught
values of persistent positivity.
To blow bubbles at an askance onslaught,
Grit buck teeth in the maw of adversity.
I watched a nostalgic minecraft parody.
A three part series about maturity.
It powerfully displayed our legacy.
Captainsparklez made it for our posterity.
I planted my last tomato seeds
In the brackish mounds of my garden,
To return aged with a great many deeds,
With cash for the deed to my Tarpan steed.
I hope four years don’t saddle me with debt
Or wandering an infernal Lethe
With a briquette of burning, licking sweat
Tied to me, it exhausts me of slipping breath
I hope that I may make my living death
towards the hopes I lay my head to rest:
January 1st, may this year be blessed.


When walking along the parched pavement
I heard a squeaky voice beneath,
Asking for water feebly.
I saw the ruins of beauty,
That adorned the city,
With queen’s majesty
Lying beneath ; helpless.
The scarlet flowers sparkled in her every May,
Like a blushful bride after honeymoon.
she adorned the roof of the preschool,
Where my kids sang and danced
But now the tears blenched with red resins,
Oozing from her body
She lies helpless on the ground.


What’s old and new to see
The days and dates
keep changing
Older we get, every year
Promises to keep,
regrets none
Habits to keep,
change some
Lessons and more
Lighten the burden
No guilt no shame
Life your life
You have the right to it
Hurt none
Be hurt nevermore
Dawn to dusk
The days the dates
Keep changing every year
So do you
For better and more!
Happy New Year

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