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Tailor -made for leadership

Zahira College Matale


The common goal of unity stemming from the mind, fueled with passion from the heart, is what Head Boy of Zahira College Matale, Ihsan Ahamed fervently wishes for all of society. Perfect Prefects features Ahamed regards this as a form of liberation.


In today’s society, we are encouraged to always be strong. We are told that strength is everything. However, we fail to see the fact that weakness is a great teacher. Our weaknesses and limitations define us. When we struggle, we can appreciate what empathy really is. We can empathize. Our struggles truly define us. Believers in a higher power say that it is god’s way of making you the tailor-made person he wants you to be.

“Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses is a necessity in a leader. Also being able to assess other strengths and weaknesses is a strong point. The leader should know how to handle different types of characters in various situations. Insight, empathy and acumen is a formidable set of characteristics,” explained Ahamed.

Ahamed fervently wishes for unity in our motherland. Unity is an idea that has gripped him. He believes in this. For him, unity is a challenge. Unity is necessary to heal society. It is a period of reflection. It is liberation.

“As a developing country, we should have unity among our people. The greatest challenge we have today is uniting the minds of the people. There must be no delay. We should work with haste to eradicate poverty narrowing the gap between the rich and poor. First of all, to create change in society, we should first identify our shortcomings and work to correct them. We need to guard against extremism. Unity is true liberation,” pointed out Ahamed.

‘You can’t expect others to consider you a leader unless you have solid faith in your ideas. And once it’s there, you build on it by being a communicator, listening to others, setting examples and by putting your best foot forward and not giving up’. This is his maxim. Decisiveness is an essential quality in a leader. Self- doubt is a hindrance not only to yourself but for everyone else as well. If you believe in yourself, listen to others, effectively communicate your ideas, lead by example and persevere then people will follow you.

Ahamed reiterates when he says that a great leader does not lead by forcing other people to follow him or her. Instead, a great leader motivates people. They encourage others to follow them. Also, they lead by example, which many leaders like Imran Khan and Bill Gates have done. What do Imran Khan and Bill Gates have in common? Khan is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan and former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, which he led to victory in the 1992 Cricket World cup. Bill Gates is best known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs and pioneers of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s.

Other than being contemporaries in the 21st century and belonging to two very different cultures, some attribute their success to self-belief. They were of course undoubtedly bold. Khan on the field and Gates in the office. The two men may have possessed differing religious beliefs prompting people to point to doctrine, yet one thing is certain they were able to inspire everyone around them.

Being able to communicate means being able to listen and boldly being able to express one’s views without worrying about what other people say. It involves patiently gathering knowledge. Ahamed has lofty ambitions. He wants to be the head of a company. Being Head Prefect is a stepping stone.

“My ambition is to be a CEO or a Managing Director in a leading multi-national company. My dream is to make my parents proud and happy and also make our family name great. First, I want to thank my parents, it is with their love and guidance and also my teachers and principal’s encouragement and motivation that I am where I am today. My biggest inspiration is my Father. He is a true example of kindness and devotion. He has taught me never to give up and to always be kind to other people. He is one of the kindest people I know. He has always loved me as a son. Right throughout my life, he has supported me and made so many sacrifices for me. Whenever someone needs help, he is always ready to step in and assist,” said Ahamed.

“We live in a world with incredible technological advancements. What gives me hope is the fact that I see that there are still those of us who retain their humanity. They have compassion and kindness. This is something that I feel can be spread throughout society one person at a time,” added Ahamed.

During his leisure, Ahamed plays football and cricket and enjoys travelling with his friends. He says that Zahira Matale has instilled within his discipline and made him an asset to society. As he mentioned earlier one needs to identify strengths and weaknesses in oneself and others. This is an opportunity for him. If you have been strong for most of your life sometimes you may not appreciate others’ diversity the way someone who has struggled would.

“My school has made me a well-disciplined leader and also a dedicated social worker. It has provided me with ample opportunities to develop my strengths and gather experiences in life. For me, it has enabled self-betterment. I am so grateful for my parents for selecting Zahira Matale as my school,” said Ahamed.

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