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Minister inspects Dambulla Economic Centre

Home Affairs, Public Administration, Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Janaka Bandara Tennakoon visited the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Center recently and instructed businessmen there to adhere to the commercial policies of the government.

The Minister said that these policies will benefit businessmen, businesses and the country’s economy as the policies have been formulated for the benefit of stakeholders. He added that the unnecessary levies were reduced to lower the burden of the people and they must get the benefit fast.

“The previous government decreased the levy on imported potatoes. This resulted in reducing wholesale price of potatoes to Rs.100 per kilo at the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Center,” the Minister said.

“Dealers of the area have stored large hauls of potatoes to issue to the market now. However, they cannot sell them at higher rates. Traders in rural areas are selling potatoes at high prices despite the price reduction. Therefore, consumers will not get potatoes at new rates,” the Minister said.


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